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December 7 · Issue #132 · View online
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The Infamous Ghetto Indoor Pool When you order a penguin as a pet… you need a pool
Banking on status Why do Neo Banks promote their metal cards so much? Because you can’t signal status with an app. Software is only visible to you. But a physical card is signalling your status for everyone to see.
A Rolex watch, for example, is not better at telling the time than a cheap Casio watch. But a Rolex reveals something about its owners’ wealth and, thus, their status in society.
LinkedIn’s Alternate Universe Must read article on the weird world of LinkedIn. My timeline is full of weird hustle p0rn and sob stories. How did the platform devolve into posts begging for likes with stories which read like mini soap opera’s. This article explores what’s in the back of my mind but I couldn’t articulate. What the hell is going on with LinkedIn?
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Reading List - Pieter Boerboom
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