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No, Time to Die and Bad Restaurants

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Pieter's Post
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Nederlandse restaurants zijn snackbars met een beter interieur
The Best of Pieter's Post 2020
Let’s say you own a digital media company. People have been raising their eyebrows at the ‘optimistic’ user growth you keep reporting for the last couple of years. But good news, Goldman Sachs wants to look past the rumours and invest $40 million. Before handing over a fat cheque they’d like to do a bit of due diligence on your company. You boast about your great relationship with YouTube. You say you can arrange a Zoom call with their head of unscripted content. You decide to just impersonate the YouTube executive with voice changing software and call it a day… Nobody will ever find out… right? Right?
Just got back from the new James Bond: No Time to Die. It’s almost 3 hours of action, beautiful cinematography, breathtaking locations and beautiful Bond girls. Don’t look at reviews talking about plot holes. They’ll shift the focus away from what No Time to Die is, a great James Bond film and 3 hours of quality entertainment. It has more emotional layers (Did you ever tear up with previous Bond movies?) and good pacing even though the film started dragging a bit in the 3rd act. The 3 Bond girls all add their own flavour to the movie. Also, shoutout to the Russian scientist who kept reminding me of Borat?
NO TIME TO DIE | Final International Trailer
NO TIME TO DIE | Final International Trailer
We are all playing the great online game. We chase internet points. Likes, subscribes, page visitors, retweets etc… Just tapping away on our phone. Some internet points are vanity metrics. Quick dopamine hits like videogames. But others can transfer over into real life…
Sometimes it's weird to remember that we're all effectively competing to hit the right keys on our keyboards in the right order, and that if we do it for long enough we can buy a house.
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