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Microsoft Killed Zuck's Metaverse

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Pieter's Post
Hello… and welcome back to Pieter’s Post.
Learn in Public
Last year I’ve posted 1 blog a week on my website. It was a nice experiment but I’ve learned that just writing some crappy blog each week doesn’t add much value. It’s good for forming a writing habit though. I’m thinking about showcasing more ‘How-to’ articles from things I’m learning at the moment. It’s called Learning in Public. The difference with a regular blog post is that it’s not theoretical fluff but practical suggestions of how to learn or do a certain topic. For example, how to become a lighting programmer is still visited 100 times a month even though it’s written 3 years ago. I’m still thinking about the right format, how to plan and write it. But some core principles:
  • No fluff, only practical advice. For example: Telling someone to eat healthy isn’t helpful. It’s too vague and hard to put into practice. To be helpful you should define what healthy food is, how you can get it into your house at the right time, how you can prepare it, what to do when you don’t feel like it. In other words, building the systems to support it, not fortune cookie wisdom.
  • Only things I’ve tried myself. It’s easy to copy-paste generic advice. But I’m not trying to get clicks, views, or become a content farm. So it doesn’t matter if it takes longer because I have to try it myself first.
  • Templates and lists over text. Books and articles can contain useful information. But it’s usually hidden in between thousands of words of anecdotes and fluff. It’s hard to find the information in a structured way when you need it. Therefore I want the core principles of the article to be easily scannable. Or alternatively, put it into a worksheet/template you can easily use.
To be continued… would love to know your input so reply to this mail.
Pension for the Dutchies
Let me start off with a boring suggestion for my Dutchies. Take a moment to see how your pension is doing. Millennials (my generation) are largely unaware of their pension status and set themselves up to get fucked later in life. It becomes exponentially more difficult the later you get started. It’s no longer enough to just take part in a pension plan as the result might be disappointing when you retire (Due to the aging population, political change, inflation etc…). A good pension is not guaranteed for our generation… Check this video on Dutch Pensions for a quick refresher. Next, check what you can expect with your current pension plan at Mijn Pensioen. If it’s not enough to live comfortably you might need to do additional pension investing through Brand New Day or something similar.

🌐 The sha256 Algorithm Visually Explained a visual exploration of the algorithm which is used in many applications to encrypt internet traffic, files, messages, and Bitcoin.
📖 Ethereum is a dark forrest $12,000 was up for grabs when a user send the money to a smart contract itself instead of calling the withdrawal function. This resulted in $12,000 being free to retrieve for anyone who would call the contract. The writer of the article discovered that the money was up for grabs and decided to try to retrieve it. But beware… in the world of crypto nothing is easy, bots are always looking out to front-run your strategies…
🎥 Microsoft Just KILLED Zuck’s Metaverse Zuckerberg brings the hype when it comes to the Metaverse. But it hasn’t much to show for it. It did, however, wipe $230 billion from its balance sheet as it reported slowing growth among its users. Also, its pivot to the metaverse can take a long time to pay off and investors are not confident. Microsoft however with its strong enterprise software distribution is positioned perfectly to bring the metaverse to the masses…
Meta's stock dropped $230 billion in one day
Meta's stock dropped $230 billion in one day
🎥 Succession - Say What You Mean Succession is back with season 3. The theme song gets inside your head and makes you feel like drinking coffee in a boardroom overlooking Central Park. This video essay looks into the great dialogue of the show. Haven’t seen Succession? Check the trailer
🎥 De Kinderen van Mokum Portrait of a group of friends who start squatting buildings in Amsterdam. They start off with ideas to change the capitalist system but soon find out that ideals are easier than execution. A coming of age docu about rebellious teenagers who face the reality of life and grow into normal civil life.
Just a reminder that your whole networth is in the hands of this guy
The Ethereum ecosystem is largely controlled by Vitalik Buterin who’s very smart… but also an interesting character so to say 😂
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