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September 7 · Issue #119 · View online
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Hello hello, let’s get into it.
Hot Picks 🔥
I’ve missed a good blockbuster. Tenet is the first AAA movie to release. Also MGM released a new trailer for James Bond - No Time To Die. They’re both (partially) shot on IMAX. Great to see that film isn’t dead and they use practical effects instead of CGI.
For the ones who prefer their home theater (a.k.a. hot chocolate and a blanket). Netflix released season 2 of Undercover.

This guy has a jetpack. In the beginning he hovers over water. But after a while he just… takes off. In 20 years will this be as normal as go-karting for your birthday party 😂?

I’ve talked about the GPT-3 algorithm from Open AI before. But this demo shows that it’s capable of generating more than text. Watch what happens when you tell it to generate a face with specific features. AI generated faces using natural language powered by GPT-3.

What’s going to happen to schools? All classes are online for the near future. Surely people won’t keep paying $40.000 a year for Zoom webinars? Will people skip school for online education on YouTube? I don’t think the value of schools is in the information but in the environment. But still I’m convinced things will change in the coming years.
2020 so far...
2020 so far...
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