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Superhuman News 🤖 - The Bill Gates conspiracy unraveled

Peter Joosten MSc.
Peter Joosten MSc.
Hi there,
I am a fan of football (soccer for the Americans 😉). From the age of eight to twenty three, I sat biweekly in the stands at FC Groningen (the local team) with my father.
When our team scored a goal, I climbed the fences. With a loss, the atmosphere was grim with hooligans fighting each other and the local police.
As a passionate fan, I cried when Groningen was relegated to a lower division in 1997. For the club, however, it was an unexpected advantage. With talented players, less stress, better policy and some luck, the club rebuilt itself.
Arjen Robben was a lucky shot. A football player who had broken through at every club. Together with my father, I saw him make his debut against Feyenoord on December 17, 2000.
After a career with clubs such as PSV, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and numerous awards, Robben announced in 2020 that he would return to play football at FC Groningen.
He barely participated, but at the end of the season he made an impression in a game against FC Emmen. Eager analysts even speculated that coach Frank de Boer should select him for the European Championship this year.
What motivated Robben to train so maniacally to want to play football at the age of 37? His trophy cabinet and wallet are already well filled.
I think passion for the game and love for the club.
That’s how I feel too. Not when it comes to my football qualities or the love for FC Groningen. But in writing articles, making podcasts, and recording videos. The future of mankind, the role of technology, and the ethical issues; they fascinate me immensely.
Secretly, I compare myself with Arjen Robben. Other skills, way less money in the bank account, but the same kind of drive.
Let’s continue with the newsletter, enjoy reading!
– Peter Joosten

The Bill Gates conspiracy unraveled
Then, CyphR acknowledged, they made a fateful “jump” — by suggesting the best way to implement Gates’ idea was through an implantable microchip.
Bill Gates puts microchips in Covid-19 vaccines. This is one of the most extraordinary (and persistent) conspiracy theories since the outbreak of the pandemic.
How did this story come into existence? There is an extensive reconstruction on The Verge. In short: influential bloggers and YouTubers combined elements from different sources and created a new, imaginary story.
I shared this article on the blog Biohackinfo in one of my previous newsletters. This is about Bill Gates proposing the idea that a microchip would be the best way to make ‘digital certificates’ to see who is vaccinated and tested.
This idea was the start of creating the conspiracy.
The bloggers admit in the reconstruction that they used their imagination, created a meme about Gates and microchips, and that this meme gave the conspiracy theory even more momentum.
In this video about my own NFC implant, I also discuss the microchips in vaccines.
In this video about my own NFC implant, I also discuss the microchips in vaccines.
Short News
🚀 Business Insider interviewed me about biohacking and human enhancement (paywall, PDF here).
🦵 A next-level implant is the PegLeg, a hard drive plus router, which a number of biohackers have implanted in their leg. Remarkable story in Wired.
👁 Smart contact lenses have long been a concept in science fiction stories, series, and movies. On Next Nature a report on the progress of Mojo Vision. Promising, but it will take some time before the lens is commercially available.
🦾 On my favorite blog a plea for more doping in sport. A tantalizing thought. After the interviews for my (Dutch) book Supermens with the Paralympic athletes Fleur Jong and Kimberly Alkemade, I am also looking forward to the Paralympic Games this summer.
📚 As a sports fan, I am currently watching the Tour de France. Doping is an extreme form of human enhancement, which is why I found Tyler Hamilton’s book The Secret Race about his time with Lance Armstrong fascinating.
🎧 Astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson can talk about science with passion and humor like no other. In this podcast, he talks to Walter Isaacson and Jennifer Doudna (Nobel Prize for CRISPR/cas9 in 2020) about the latter’s biography.
🎬 The second season of the German series Biohackers will start on Netflix upcoming Friday. Read my review of season 1 and a preview of season 2 about the series on my blog!
New Video: Movies about human enhancement
The best 9 movies about human enhancement
The best 9 movies about human enhancement
New Article: Genetic Engineering
Genetic Engineering in Humans
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Peter Joosten MSc.
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