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Superhuman News 🤖 - Starry Sky in Ghana

Peter Joosten MSc.
Peter Joosten MSc.
Hey there,
My host family lay outside on hard wooden benches that are only 10 centimeters wide.
Luckily I don’t. Alphonsus, the father of the family, had prepared a room for me with a bed, mattress and fan.
In 2008, I volunteered for six months in Bolgatanga, a town in the north of Ghana.
On one of the first nights, I had no choice but to go outside and lie there as well. The power had gone out, and it was extremely hot in my room.
Alphonsus shrugged. “This happens very often. No idea when we will have electricity again.”
Half asleep, I grumbled at the heat. Then I looked up. I had never seen so many stars.
Due to the malfunction, all lamps and other lights in the area were also turned off. It was pitch dark on the ground, all the light came from the universe.
Watching all those stars was unreal and overwhelming.
Space travel, that is the theme of this newsletter. Enjoy reading!

My own work about space travel
Articles and videos that I have made about this topic.
Video: Transhumanism Technologies explained
Watch my video about transhumanism technologies. Transhumanism is a philosophy where the biological boundaries of humans will be breached by technology. This also includes ideas about space travel, like cryogenic preservation. I published the video on my YouTube-channel:
My video about Cryonics, Mind Uploading & Superintelligence
My video about Cryonics, Mind Uploading & Superintelligence
Article: Current Examples of Transhumanism
Relevant articles, papers and other media about this topic.
🤔 If humanity leaves Earth, what about reproduction in space? With deadly radiation and a lack of gravity, space is not the most ideal environment to live in. Nice background piece on
🎧 Professor Christopher Mason is working at NASA on a special project: might we need to genetically improve humans to survive on other planets? In this podcast, he talks about it with Luke Robert Mason (no relation).
📚 Seven wayward pilgrims embark on a perilous mission to the planet Hyperion. Science fiction with an incredible amount of fantasy: super-intelligent systems, teleportation and a giant tree as a spaceship. Fabulous read.
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These are upcoming events where I will give a talk or webinar that are accessible for everybody. Great to see you there!
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One of my favorite series in the last couple of months: Ted Lasso
One of my favorite series in the last couple of months: Ted Lasso
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Peter Joosten MSc.
Peter Joosten MSc. @PeterJoostenOrg

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