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Superhuman News 🤖 - Play Pong with your brain

Peter Joosten MSc.
Peter Joosten MSc.
Hi there,
There is a beautiful nature reserve about fifteen minutes by bike from our house. It is a wonderful area for hiking and mountainbiking. The trail is quite varied, with single tracks through the trees, a stretch over the heath and challenging climbs.
A few weeks ago I did a round with two friends: Peter and Wietse. Peter is a soldier with a strong stamina and Wietse swims at the highest national level.
I was trying to stay close to them, with a high heart rate and painful legs. After 15 kilometers it went wrong. I went over my limit. After a descent I misjudged a corner, and before I knew it, I flipped over my handlebar. Full on my head.
With a sore shoulder, a few scrapes and trembling legs, I was relieved. Without my helmet I would have been a lot worse off.
Especially in my work, which –like so many other knowledge workers– demands so much from the brain. I realized: even more important than improving yourself, is protecting your current condition.
And yes, science and technology can help there too. Sometimes as simple as a helmet.
For now: let’s continue with the newsletter. Enjoy reading!
–Peter Joosten
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Play Pong with your Brain
In April, Neuralink published a new video on YouTube starring Pager, a nine-year-old macaque. According to the video, Pager plays the computer game Pong with only his brain. In his brain is an implant from the company with 1,024 sensors.
I have written an extensive article on my blog about Neuralink, read that for more background information and insights.
But this news was relevant to me from multiple perspectives: in addition to me following Neuralink’s work closely, I am still working on my article about cyborgs. A brain implant, the fusion of human and electronics, that is the ultimate cyborg.
Yet I also had an uncomfortable feeling while watching the video. Yes, this research can help people with paralysis. But is it really necessary to use animals for this? Earlier, Neuralink indicated that Pager “is not unhappy.” But how can we judge that?
Or will Neuralink also make a module on the chip for this?
Monkey MindPong
Monkey MindPong
Short News
⌚️ Facebook is working on a smart wristband. The band contains sensors that convert nerve signals into digital commands. The goal: communicate even faster with your computer by thinking about a movement.
🧬 A team of researchers from the Salk Institute (USA) and Kunming University (China) have kept embryos with a combination of human and monkey cells alive for up to 20 days, a so-called chimera.
📙 A few months ago I received a book from my girlfriend Susan: The Body by Bill Bryson. When reading I realized how much nature itself already regulates fantastically in our body.
🎧 Ellen Jorgenson is an expert in DIY biology and biohacking. In the podcast Big Tech she is critical of biohackers who experiment with genetic modification on their own.
🎬 I share the enthusiasm for Rick & Morty with my brother Jeroen. A funny cartoon series for adults, with a deeper philosophical layer in almost every episode. A lot is related to human enhancement and the future.
My Work
Video: Insights from the SIENNA Conference
Video: What Is Human Augmentation?
Article: Cyberpunk 2077 Review
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Peter Joosten MSc.
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