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Peter Joosten MSc.
Peter Joosten MSc.
Hey there,
It is 1990. I am six years old and feel a bit embarrassed. There is a children’s party where you have to dress up.
My mom made me a costume from cardboard boxes and aluminum foil. I am dressed up as a robot. At the urging of my best friend Patrick, I try to talk and move like a robot.
Other children are dressed up as a pirate, princess or superhero. That looks much cooler, I think.
Patrick is a dinosaur. He says: ‘Let’s play hide-and-seek. I am a T. rex. You are a robot from the future who must track me down!’
I put my hands over my eyes and start counting to 20.
Now, more than 20 years later, I realize that I wasn’t actually a robot back then. I was a human body in an electronic shell: I was a cyborg.
Cyborgs. The theme of this newsletter. Enjoy reading!

My own work about cyborgs
Articles and videos that I made about this topic.
Article: What are Cyborgs?
Video: Webinar about Cyborgs
I gave a webinar at CuriousU, University of Twente (the Netherlands) about this topic. The talk is in English. I published the video on my YouTube-channel, watch it here:
My talk about Cyborgs at the University of Twente.
My talk about Cyborgs at the University of Twente.
Relevant articles, papers and other media about this topic.
🧠 The pinnacle of a cyborg is a seamless integration of technology with the brain. The question is whether you also want to share your dreams, thoughts and ideas then. Not me. It therefore seems sensible to me to lay down neuroprivacy in legislation and regulations right now. Good piece in
📚 In the book The Future of the Mind, the exuberant Michio Kaku discusses the future of neuroscience. Based on physical boundaries, he explores visions such as telekinesis, controlling avatars, and telepathy.
🎬 The Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045 series (can be viewed on Netflix) is not the best animated series in terms of quality, but it does contain interesting ideas, such as the cyberbrain, posthumanism and war as a revenue model.
Webinars & Keynotes
These are upcoming events where I will give a talk or webinar that are accessible for everybody. Great to see you there!
Here you can find more information about my keynotes and webinars.
See you next month!
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Peter Joosten MSc.
Peter Joosten MSc. @PeterJoostenOrg

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