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The Paratii Review - The First Issue

Hello all :) Good old email will be used as a channel by us too. You can find more lively conversatio
The Paratii Review
The Paratii Review - The First Issue
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Hello all :) Good old email will be used as a channel by us too. You can find more lively conversation in our Gitter room and follow development in real time in Github. As with the code, we’ll try to make most of our communication open source.

Around the Block: a documentary series the Paratii team is producing
  • We are producing a 6-episode short series on “the minds behinds the blockchains”. It’s a way of expressing the need for a more humane accounting of this fascinating wider-than-a-single-chain social experiment that we’re proudly taking part of. There’s already a teaser out there, and it features Sergio Lerner, co-founder of RSK Labs and author of the Lumino Transaction Compression Protocol. Further teasers to be released include interviews with @avsa, @simondelarouviere, @charlieshrem, @zelig and more.  
Development status
  • Our prototype player’s lightwallet integration is evolving fast. Addresses are restorable in the case of login from another devices, and sending + receiving ether is now enabled. An embryonic version of paratii ERC20 contract is already deployed, and PTI transactions are being worked on. We are running on a private testnet.

  • Webtorrent integration is allowing for p2p streaming in the browser. A nice interface to visualise peer connections and performance is on the pipeline.

  • Since we inevitably need a javascript node that runs in the browser as for the p2p file retrieval network, the team has chosen to direct development efforts towards IPFS’ libp2p, which already fullfills most requirements. This doesn’t diminish our belief in a smooth integration with Swarm’s devp2p to accomplish the vision of a fully “Ethereum-native” Paratii ecosystem.
Team Updates
  • Paratii’s founding team met for the first time in Berlin, for the Swarm Orange Summit week. We recorded dozens of talks given during the event, and a website with the edited material will be published online by the Ethereum Foundation soon. Lots of good quality stuff (Y)
  • We did a public introduction to Paratii at the Ethereum Berlin Meetup to +100 people - a video will be out soon too.
  • 2 new members officially onboard: Elia and Enrico - developers that add to the Italian side of a now very balanced Italo-Brazilian team. 
Handpicked Thoughts
  • Ujo’s launch on the 14th of July came with the first music album to be fully released via the Ethereum blockchain. Less publicised, the work on COALA IP standards is an applaudable effort as for adapting IP standards to blockchain-friendly formats.
Feel free to send us suggestions on interviewees for the Around the Block series, tech feedback or random thoughts by answering to this email or writing to
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The Paratii Review

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