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The Paratii Review - Issue #4

September is almost over, and China was its protagonist, in cryptoland. October is here, and will bri
The Paratii Review
The Paratii Review - Issue #4
By The Paratii Review • Issue #3 • View online
September is almost over, and China was its protagonist, in cryptoland. October is here, and will bring fresh news regarding Paratii’s token distribution. The team has tripled in the last two months, and our little player is getting in shape for its first public appearance (some weeks from now). You can find more lively conversation in our Gitter room and follow development real time in Github.

5 Handpicked Thoughts
📰 Defending​ ​Internet​ ​Freedom​ ​through​ ​Decentralization: Back​ ​to​ ​the​ ​Future? A well-researched study on decentralised publishing platforms and their path towards dismantling old power structures, by the MIT Media Lab.
📈 7 Expert Takeways to Better Valuate Cryptocurrencies. Lou Kerner shares valuable insights from a conversation with Chris Burniske, Ryan Selkis and other regarded investors in the space.
🌎 Gavin Wood on the Future of Blockchains. A lucid interview with an Ethereum co-founder (also an interviewee on the Around the Block series).
📹 An Ethereum Podcast with Doug Petkanics. Topic: decentralising the live video tech stack.
🇨🇳 It’s political: why China hates Bitcoin and Loves the Blockchain?  Michael Casey argues that China’s recent policymaking activity has to do with broader geopolitical intentions.

Original Content & Community
📌 Paratii was recently featured in The Dapp Daily, as well as registered by the State of the dApps
💬 An interview with Jelle, Paratii’s tech lead. Includes: visions for the future of digital content distribution and the weirdest places you could think of embedding a video player on.
🎁 The Ethereum foundation has announced DevCon’s sponsors, and Paratii is among them 🎉 
🇧🇷🇵🇹 For those who are Brazilian/Portuguese, we have a Facebook page now. And we’ll be giving a speech on decentralized story-sharing and Paratii, @ the BlockchainView 2017 event, in São Paulo. It’s bringing together most of the country’s crypto brainpower, and you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Development status & Team updates
🐣 Our player is getting in shape for its first public appearance, some weeks from now. Stay tuned on twitter for announcements.
🔧 Paratii now has its own protocol. It’s first version is based on ipfs-bitswap data exchange and uses protobufs. Over IPFS’s libp2p, it can be used to send commands/responses back and forth between Paratii peers, and forms the basis for more complex functions we’re integrating.
📜 Alex Eftimiades, a numerical algorithms expert, has joined the team as a research scientist. Some early work can be found on Paratii’s wiki, and has to do with decentralized recommendation engines and liquidity provision mechanisms for anonymous (i.e. empty-pocketed) users. If you enjoy bouncing off mathematically creative ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
💻 Paulo dos Santos has landed on the team to take care of Paratii’s pilot front-end development, alongside our young & talented designers. Expect beautiful (literally) surprises here soon 🎨
Feel free to send us suggestions on interviewees for the Around the Block series, technical critique or random thoughts by answering to this email or writing to
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The Paratii Review

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