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The Paratii Review #5 - DevCon3, Intelligent Token Distributions, P2P nostalgia

It's event season! First: DevCon3 in November 1-4, bringing to stage some of the latest developments
The Paratii Review
The Paratii Review #5 - DevCon3, Intelligent Token Distributions, P2P nostalgia
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It’s event season! First: DevCon3 in November 1-4, bringing to stage some of the latest developments in the Ethereum ecosystem. Second: the cancellation of the Segwit2x fork, bringing relief to many and despair to some. Other meaningful upcoming ones: Token Summit II, LaBitConf and Consensus:Invest. Our hopes are those of an year-end packed with announcements, new dApps showcasing and bold industry moves (Status just hired an ex-Googler as COO). You can find more lively conversation in our Gitter room or Telegram, and follow development real time in Github.

5 Handpicked Thoughts
📰 Fat protocols are not an investment thesisJake Brukhman makes a solid counterargument to Joel Monegro’s turned-into-classic thesis, and explains why we should think about overlapping protocols and non-linear stacks.
📈 The Bisq Phase Zero Plan. This is what an ICO could be if it had time to grow up. The team behind Bisq has been building a decentralised exchange for a while, and drafted what looks like a pretty reasonable roadmap for gradually becoming a DAO.
🌎 Refind and the free giveaway of 1 billion Relevance coins. Another interesting approach to token distribution is Refind’s promise to buy back coins freely given away, at pre-set prices, through profits generated along the way. Spawns a lot of questions.
🚫 Vitalik’s father warns about unethical Ethereum co-founders. The original Linkedin post has gathered attention due to its explicit nature, and spun off twitter threads of similar tone in relation to other early contributors and backers of the project.
💸 uRaiden Robot Fueled by MicroPayments Demo. A simple, very aesthetic highlight of DevCon3’s main stage presentations. You can find a comprehensive roundup of them here.

Original Content & Community
📹 Toddy Ivon, a Paratii alpha creator, introduces himself to the community. Toddy is a Brazilian-blooded, US-grown videoclip director and film producer.
🕒 A recap of P2P content distribution history, in 10 major steps. Brief historical timeline + infographic wrapped up by the Paratii team to better understand the moment our technology is at.
💬 We were onstage at the Blockchain View 2017 event, in São Paulo, in mid-October. Check the full video on the link!
🇧🇷 Paratii also presented at the Bitcoin Conference, arguably the biggest cryptocurrency event to date, in Brazil, last week. A preview goes below, while the full record is not available yet:

Bitcoin Conference 2017 by StartSe - Paratii - YouTube
Bitcoin Conference 2017 by StartSe - Paratii - YouTube
Development status & Team updates
🐣 The Paratii player is 90% in shape for its first public appearance, on which it’ll present itself embedded on Twitter, with browser-to-browser streaming over IPFS functioning, a limited set of videos to try out, minimal UI and testnet tokens in a simple integrated wallet. Over the next month, we’ll build a whitelist of accredited producers with whom to beta test the uploading tool & process for onboarding the system. Only then, will come the time to prepare for opening this process to the general public.
🔩 We now have hybrid buffering, which allows for loading the first few fragments of a video using a gateway, until the local IPFS instance is ready and the player can switch to pure browser-to-browser. This optimises performance drastically, and allows for publishers to specify their own gateways instead of the default ones in order to improve their visitors’ experience even further.
⚙ Our pipfs (paratii-ipfs) nodes now also run a transcoding unit, being able to receive a file from peers and convert it to HLS streams with various bitrates. This will eventually become a standalone package to be run by publishers or independent creators/amateurs/enthusiasts wanting to “mine off” the system.
😍 Sharing functions are improved: now you can click a button on the player and share videos directly to Telegram, Whatsapp, email, a Medium post, or get the link to embed in your webpage / channel. 
💌 Stay tuned for updates on the player and on possible invitations by email to try it out, on the following weeks! Also, please call friends who you think would be interested to subscribe to this newsletter :)
Feel free to send us suggestions on interviewees for the Around the Block series, technical critique or random thoughts by answering to this email or writing to
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