PUTF - Issue #2 | May 29th, 2022

Weekly, you’ll get a roundup of all the upcoming opportunities. If you’re active on instagram, you can follow us there and regularly check the “deadlines” tab story. All the opportunities are also available here.
If you want to submit a listing, you can visit this page.
If you want to support this project, here is our patreon. Some of our upcoming podcast episodes will only be accessible via the patreon.
PS: new discord coming s👀n
Thanks so much,

Figma Expert | Playfitt – Opportunity Listings
Operations Assistant | LUQUE – Opportunity Listings
Interest-Free Loans For Artists | Pentacle – Opportunity Listings
Black Web Fest x Web Monetization | Black Web Fest – Opportunity Listings
‎flow: flow w/ Sienna Fekete (music & arts in NYC, Community Cookbook, Chroma, The Kitchen...) on Apple Podcasts
flow w/ GENG PTP ( NYC in the 80's/90’s, music industry, PTP...) | flow
See you next week 💙
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