PC Gaming Weekly | July 2, 2020

PC Gaming Weekly
One of the most important games of the past 30 years is Magic: The Gathering. It’s considered to be the first collectible card game, and its mechanics and designs have appeared in digital and tabletop products ever since. 
This week, GamesBeat has one of the deepest dives we’ve ever published: the digital history of Magic: The Gathering. It delves into how Wizards of the Coast approached translating Magic from cardboard cards to bytes on a screen. This includes Magic: The Gathering Online, the troubled attempt to bring Magic into a digital environment. I didn’t get into Magic until decades later, when Magic: The Gathering: Arena was in its beta period, so this proved to be quite an education about a game I’ve come to love. 
I enlisted Hugo Award-winning writer Aidan Moher to pull this off. It’s a fantastic read, with comments from a number of big names in the Magic community. I hope you enjoy this. 
But I’ve been thinking about something else this week, too: Why Amazon would release Crucible on May 20, just days ahead of Valorant, and not give the team shooter a similar influencer push that Riot Games did? Amazon runs and owns Twitch, the biggest game livestreaming service in the world. And it sure has more money than Riot, which made a huge streamer push with Valorant. 
And now Crucible is going back into beta-testing as Amazon goes about rejiggering the game to attract more players. I wonder if the behemoth will figure out now that it needs to attract players ahead of time for a team shooter before releasing it again. 
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–Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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