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PC Gaming Weekly | July 18, 2019

I am not a smart man, but if you explain something to me with patience and care, I'll catch on. That'
PC Gaming Weekly
I am not a smart man, but if you explain something to me with patience and care, I’ll catch on. That’s what Darryl Long did when he explained Ubisoft’s AI strategy to me during the 2019 Games Developers Conference.
Danny Lange didn’t need to explain how AI works at our Transform conference last week. After all, the event’s all about that. So the VP of AI and machine at Unity Technologies didn’t need to dumb down his presentation for people like me. 
So, what did he talk about – how games are helping create better AI. And that ties into what I learned from Long at GDC. 
Onstage, Lange said that game engines such as Unity (which developers use to make PC, console, and mobile games) are great for AI applications like “real” computer intelligence. This makes sense – game engines have long been a part of the evolution of AI. Designers use it to help place assets like grass and rocks. Machine learning is essential – AI needs to learn player behaviors and react to them. It can help create art – or enhance it – at the fraction of time it takes artists to do so. At Ubisoft, this doesn’t mean hiring fewer artists, designers, and developers – they hire more to make bigger and more engrossing games. 
AI even helps with quality assurance – it can scan for frequently known problems in code, enabling testers to find the really broken parts of the game. 
You can watch the entire presentation in the video below. 
Gaming, again, shows how it’s on the cutting-edge of technology. And I’m happy I can understand this when it comes to AI.
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– Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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