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PC Gaming Weekly | Jan. 30, 2019

It's stuff like this that makes PC gaming so enjoyable for me.  NZXT's new Kraken's new X-3 and Z-3 c
PC Gaming Weekly
It’s stuff like this that makes PC gaming so enjoyable for me. 
NZXT’s new Kraken’s new X-3 and Z-3 coolers have flashy LCD displays to show your stats about your gaming rig, like if it’s running too hot. Yes, that can be useful, but it sure feels like something that’s over-the-top. And as PC gaming Jeff Grubb says, “But why would you do that when you can have it play an animation of some whales or a city or something?” And then I think about my own rig at home. 
Mine is in a Razer tower, and one side is matte-black. The other is clear, and you can see all its guts. And many of these parts glow. My Razer keyboard, mouse, and mousepads glow as well. [Note: I’ve bought all this hardware with my own money, and none of this is sponsored my Razer. I just like its gear.] I know, this is silly. But I like the soft glow that lights my home office at night, and my kids get a kick out of them as well.
And then I think about my consoles. My PlayStation 4 has that little blue glow, and my Nintendo Switch? It doesn’t glow at all. Now, I could customize these, but why do that? It’s a lot of work to do custom cases for consoles, and I’d worry about breaking something important that I couldn’t replace on Amazon. 
Nah, I’ll stick with my glowing PC rigs. And if I get one of these NZXT’s coolers, I’ll have it play pictures of starships blasting each other. 
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–Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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