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"Stay Strong In Your Heart" - Issue #10

Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie
August 18, 2022
Hi Babe,
I had to tell you the cutest story. So, you already know that Brooke and the baby came home a bit later than we expected. Dan was just a giddy little kid after we got off the video call with you. Every time he heard a vehicle, he would jump up and look out the window to check and see if it was the new little family. Over and over until they arrived around 9:15. I heard them pull up in the driveway and then I heard Dan barrel down the stairs. I didn’t join them because I had already had my turn with the new baby and I wanted Dan, Janelle and Ariana to have their alone time with her. About 25 minutes later, Dan & Janelle came in my bedroom. Janelle came in first and was just all smiles as she started telling me how adorable Stella was and then….. Dan came barging in so excited describing every little tiny thing about her. He is his father’s son! He then exclaimed, “I can’t wait til she wakes up tomorrow!” ❤
I am so proud of our children! I know you are as well. Dan was also so excited to be able to see you last night and to talk to you. Your excitement over Ariana melted his heart. Please don’t you ever – EVER forget how much you mean to these kids! You are their hero in so many ways and you continue to be the one they lean on. I can’t tell you how many times I am told,
“Ask Dad what we should do about this.”,
“Ask Dad what we should do about that.”
“Don’t forget to ask Dad when you talk to him.”
They respect your opinion so much and they know you will have all of the answers they need. They too respect you more than you will ever know and they know and believe that you did absolutely nothing wrong that night and both of these boys know that you would have done the same for them. I know you would as well. That is why we are so safe with you as our protector.
I haven’t written the article yet because I am waiting for the right motivation, but I want to remind you of how your Dad asked me to do my next story about “How his brothers in law enforcement let his son down!” This should mean the world to you, especially coming from your Dad. He is the last person who would say something like this unless he meant it with every beat of his heart. The prison system was designed for not only crime deterrent and punishment, but it was also designed for rehabilitation and as I have told you a thousand times before, this means that they are going to require you to prove to them that you have changed in order to be released if I can’t get someone in authority to correct this misjustice before then. I just want you to remember that you were protecting your son! You were protecting your family! I for one cannot even fathom what would have happened if I would have come outside or God forbid these hoodlums would have made it into our home if you both tried to run from them. Thousands of people have witnessed their wrath and their auto pilot determination of destruction towards both you and our son. For whatever reason, they were not thinking clearly and their actions could absolutely not have been anticipated by rational narratives because they were anything but rational! You need to always remember that and always remember that those who may doubt or criticize your actions were not filled with adrenaline like you were that night. They were not in that situation and considering the situation, I’m guessing that the majority of them will never be faced with it. Stay strong in your heart! 
I am so grateful for our relationship and how you and I have spent the last 12+ years becoming best friends. I am so grateful for all of the nights out by the fire that we sat and talked for hours on end without ever sitting in awkward silence because we were always “this close”. I have always been so grateful that I could tell you anything without judgement or fear of it coming back to haunt me. You are the kind of man whose integrity is just warn on your sleeve. Everyone feels it and everyone trusts it. That is who you are and I am so grateful to be your wife. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you! 
3 1/2 - 7 Years in Prison for Protecting His Family !
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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie

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