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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie
Last night when you called, you asked in the most sincere way, “How are you doing babe?”. Before I could completely respond, you reiterated with a softer and more loving tone, “Really, How are you doing?”. 

August 26, 2022
Good Morning Babe,
As always, it was so nice to talk to you last night. I don’t think I will ever get used to the short time frame and the constant time wasted asking you to repeat yourself over and over because it is so hard to hear you. I’m always curious if it is just as difficult to hear me? I’m glad I have a sense of humor though. You would laugh if you knew what I hear half of the time as I ask you to repeat yourself. Sometimes my mind creates the most hilarious visions as I hear a completely different language and I hold back my sarcasm. Or I hear something completely different and I think, “WTH?” did he just say that? Then you repeat yourself and I find myself giggling with a “OH – THANK GOD!” reaction once I hear it correctly. 🤣😂
Kelsey was happy to hear that you got her message. I am so sorry that not everyone has figured out the system yet. They will. It isn’t the most user friendly program and it does cost each one of them money to set it up and their system is very strict on what type of cards can be used so that is an obstacle in itself. I can’t wait until you get classified and registered with your home prison so you can get a tablet so you don’t have to stand at the kiosk and try to read everyone’s messages within a 30 second time frame. I have told everyone to treat it as a text message for now since you would never have time enough to read a complete letter on there.
I was on my way to work this morning listening to my playlist and one of my favorite songs came on again. The most wonderful thing happened. I find myself preoccupied with every single song that comes on and if it doesn’t pertain to you and our situation, I subconsciously forward it to the next. This is what I do on my “alone time” to and from work with the music blasting to lift my spirits. This morning, a song came on that I always listen to. It was the Rascal Flats song, “I Won’t Let Go.” Countless times I play it over and over and I beam as I listen to the words because it has been my anthem towards you. Every verse seemed to speak to my loyalty to you and it has always given me fuel to keep up the fight. But, for some strange reason when I was listening to it today, my eyes teared up. My thought process flipped as I heard every verse as if it were coming from you. This was not a coincidence. You know how I feel about these things and I knew at that moment, a higher power was making sure that I knew you were in there fighting for me as well. I have never doubted this fact, but to be honest, it is not something I have really thought of a lot.
Last night when you called, you asked in the most sincere way, “How are you doing babe?”. Before I could completely respond, you reiterated with a softer and more loving tone, “Really, How are you doing?”. “Are you staying strong in the ways we discussed?”. And of course, you already knew the answer so your question was not really a question as much as it was a pep talk. You are in there, locked up like a dog because of politics and you have not once, ever shown any type of irrational emotion. I have never heard one second of selfishness. Instead, your concerns have always been for your family and you have continued to focus on making sure that your morals, principles and guidance continue to build us up.
The way you continue to help us curb our anger by always addressing it even when we try to hide it from you is so inspiring. Granted, I typically leave the family meetings with an unspoken, “HE’S FULL OF SHIT! 😊SCREW THOSE WHO HAVE PLACED HIM THERE!” – but within minutes of seeing everyone’s faces as they too have to admit to themselves that you are correct in your requests for all of us to force the harmful thoughts out of our minds in order to keep ourselves healthy, I become softer and my soul is given needed relief. I wish it lasted, but I am not sure if we are all as strong as you, but I can promise you that we are trying. Having your face in our living room during the video chats vs hearing your voice on the phone has made a big difference and I know that once we are allowed to be in your physical presence, we will become even stronger.
So I guess what I am trying to say is that I am grateful that we are all in this together. We continue to fight for you and you continue to fight for us. God prepares us for every battle we need to face. More times than not, we don’t even recognize that we are training until we are right in the middle of the storm finding ourselves praising his knowledge as we kneel to say, “Wow! Now I understand! Thank you Lord!” I have done that a lot lately. You fostered this family to make it through this battle. You encouraged each and every one of us to be who we are without even understanding that our family bond would be the most essential tool in our arsenal. 
So, it’s Friday and this means that I have to prepare for my typical difficult weekend. It’s easier to cope when I sit in my office for 12 hours a day. THAT’S 24 HOURS THAT I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT and I still have difficulty with that. Your schedule for Saturday and Sunday are early morning and late evening. Go figure! That’s a huge gap for me – for a weekend. 😒 I have a company picnic at the Owner’s home on Saturday so I promise you I will force myself to attend. As you know, God put me with these people and there is not one single employee that I am not honored to be around. The company is doing the picnic for employees and their entire families, including parents and grandparents. Isn’t that incredible! Good Food! Amazing People! 100% Complete Spiritual Motivation! I am honestly looking forward to it so I am going to keep reminding myself of this as my “not so strong” side tries to talk me out of it. Hahaha! YOU SHOULD BE AT ALL OF THESE EVENTS WITH ME!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 They are all looking forward to meeting you and always tell me they are praying for you!
I love you Mark Ivie! I love everything about you!
Your Forever Loving Wife,
3 1/2 - 7 Years in Prison for Protecting His Family !
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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie

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