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OneSidedJustice "To My Husband, I Just Love You" - Issue #14

Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie
“I want to change laws that allow law enforcement to stack charges upon charges with the intent of system manipulation that coerce the innocent to take pleas like you did to protect their family. I want to change laws that require more definitive evidence against the accused.”

August 31, 2022
Good Morning Babe,
It was so wonderful again to have you in our living room last night. I am so sorry that it was so chaotic and messy but I’m sure you smiled watching us entertain your beautiful grand daughter. Can you believe how much Stella has changed in only a week! Each and every day, I see more and more of N in her. She is the most perfect combination of both of them. I can’t wait for you to be able to hold her and you can tell by the way Ariana wants your attention so badly that we probably won’t be able to get her out of your arms once she is able to be held by you again. You have to admit it is the most adorable thing how she believes your wedding ring is hers. 😊
I cannot wait to get your story! I am so surprised how giddy I am just knowing I will have to wait so long for Mr/Mrs Postman to help it arrive. I know how difficult it was for you and I am so proud of you for taking care of it so quickly. Your story deserves to be told by you!
Poor M…. Everything that could have happened this week in her home happened. First, her microwave died and then her fridge died. She had no idea how she was going to replace either of them. The microwave was the “over the stove” kind and we both know how expensive those are. The fridge that they had was just the typical freezer over fridge and it wasn’t very big but today’s prices are not kind to any budget. She decided to go onto Facebook Marketplace just in case there was something there available and she found both appliances for around $300.00 and the best part…. The fridge had been in the garage of a retired couple that was trying to downsize so they got an unexpected upgrade! I hope I convinced her to sign up for a home warranty plan as this is probably just the beginning. R actually took care of installing both and he had to actually raise the cupboard over the fridge just like you did since it was so much bigger than what the home was built for. I am so hopeful that they can remain best friends through this all. The boys deserve it.
C started middle school leaving R in charge of the 2 new kindergarteners. I’ll bet he is going to do the best job of “Big Brother In Charge”! All of the boys are getting so big. M continues to send so many photos and it makes me smile. I know this doesn’t surprise you, but it is difficult to tell the difference between the 3 little ones. They are literally the same size. Actually, the way to tell which one is M is to look for the bigger one. LOL  I can’t wait to be in their presence again.
B is doing great in school. She is in a regular size class and her Momma Bear is doing an amazing job making sure she is confident and comfortable! You would be so proud of her. I don’t think I will ever get tired of being proud of the Mother she is!!!!
K posted a whole bunch of pictures of B and for her 9 month photo shoot. She is so adorable! Her smile just melts my heart!
I was laughing at myself yesterday as I was talking with J as she checked in. I told her that I was doing 75/25 and was grateful that the 75% was on the positive side. She stated that she was proud of me and encouraged me telling me that I was so strong. With that, I replied how surprised I was regarding my emotions because I honestly thought that my bad days would be filled with tears and depression but instead, I find myself contemplating an exorcism due to the extreme anger that I sometimes feel. 🤣Hahaha. Anger is absolutely new to me. But I tell you now as I have told you a thousand times… it is never anger aimed at you! I will never feel anything but gratitude for what you did for our family on that fateful night. I also have such gratitude for what you didn’t do. The gratitude for that I give directly to God.
I know that our family is constantly talking about praying for miracles during this fight and although I do continue with this request, I want you to know that there is not one single day where I don’t speak directly to God and thank him for the miracles that we have already seen. I know that we have never been left alone and I see proof of this fact each and every day. I promise you that I know this and I promise you that God knows I know it. My Faith has only grown stronger with the passing of each and every day.
I do find myself consistently asking for forgiveness for the darkness and I know I own the darkness. I recognize it with each and every prayer and I continuously ask to be forgiven for my “terrible two’s” temper tantrums that only he and I actually know about. It is difficult not to feel this way given my belief of such an inconceivable injustice. I honestly want to turn this anger into a force that can help other people who are in your similar situation. I want to change laws that allow law enforcement to stack charges upon charges with the intent of system manipulation that coerce the innocent to take pleas like you did to protect their family. I want to change laws that require more definitive evidence against the accused. Our story can help!  My belief is still that their burden of proof was not met under the current laws but in our case, it didn’t matter because they were able to bully you into your plea. This injustice needs to be corrected!!!!!
I sincerely cannot wait for the system to classify you so you can move to your home prison where I can physically visit you like we do with JR. I need to feel your presence in ways I could not describe. I need to feel your energy. I need it to refuel me. I need it to refuel all of us! I think the boys need it as badly as I do. Your absence has left an overwhelming empty space that will only be filled once you return home to us. Although we all try, your place in this home is only for you.
I love you so much Mr. Ivie! I love everything about you! Forever and always!!!!!!!
Your loyal wife,
I’m riding out this storm, going with the flow. No matter how long the winds decide to blow.
I’m hanging on, not getting blown away. On Jesus I’ll keep my grip till I see the light of day.
I’m riding out this storm, going to give it my all. If I start to get anxious, on my Savior I will call.
I’m clinging on, to the Anchor of my hope. I’m counting on Jesus to give me the grace to cope.
I’m riding out this storm, I’ve got all the right gear for, I have my Bible …
so what is there to fear!
~Deborah Ann
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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie

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