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OneSidedJustice "Personal Letters To My Husband" - Issue #4

Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie
First Letter From Mark

July 29, 2022
Dear Nicole,
Hopefully I have spoken with you before you receive this. I tested positive for COVID as soon as I got here so I have been put in an isolation cell for 11 days. At least it has a TV.
After the 11 days, I will then start like I just got here so that means it will be even longer before we can talk or see each other. :-( I am trying to get the kiosk pin# so you can send messages and I can read them.
I am only getting out for a shower and phone call which does me no good without having a phone pin# and I am being told that could take 3 to 4 weeks.
In the meantime, I need a list with all names, addresses, phone numbers and relations to me. LOL.
I miss your voice so much I can’t wait until I can see your beautiful face again. I think you can set up visits after I have been here 10 days if the list is approved. I am submitting your name on Monday so you should be able to access my account soon. Unfortunately, the visits here are non-contact until I get to my home prison.
Please write me often. I need to hear from you as much as possible. I love you with all of my heart. Give everyone my love and please let them know that I am doing ok.
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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie

Personal Letters mailed to Mark Ivie - Inmate #QPxxxx

This Is Not Easy

Publishing my personal letters to my husband is not easy. If I wasn't fighting such a devastating fight, I wouldn't even have to consider it. But my goal is for you, the reader to know who we are. To know that we are very real, caring and loving individuals who are facing an unbelievable nightmare. So, here you go - my heart on my sleeve.

His transfer just took place on Wed. July 27th and my goal will be to support him with daily letters. We're just getting started! If you choose to sign up for the newsletter, we have been told it initially goes directly to your SPAM filter. Please add (A Twitter Company) to your safe sender list.

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