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OneSidedJustice "Personal Letters To My Husband" - Issue #3

Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie
“I can’t imagine how hard it may become to stay the sweet, loving, kind man you are given the fact that there will be occasions where “this man” (you) may need to show a more indestructible and impenetrable side. I’m counting on you to know the difference between the two.”

Keep Your Inner Strength
July 31, 2022
Hi Babe,
I hope you are doing well. We had Ariana’s birthday party yesterday and she did great. We didn’t have the huge crowd that we were expecting but it turned out so wonderful! We served hamburgers and sweet Italian sausage with so many sides. It was delicious! The best part for me was when I went to get my cupcake. Janelle had taken two from the cake like decoration to wrap up for her friend and left 50% of the frosting so when I picked mine up, I couldn’t let it go to waste so I got birthday frosting with a little bit of cupcake on the side. Hahahahaha!
Ariana was just a little princess all day and she walked around greeting everyone over and over and was so adorable. We all missed you and everyone asked about you.
I am heading to the company retreat very early tomorrow morning and will not be back until Wednesday so you won’t be getting a letter for a few days. Just know that I will be thinking about you every second!
I don’t have any more news about family. We are all just taking things day by day. You are the main topic around the dinner table when we actually sit down for dinner.
B is so ready! We all sat around and talked about who was the closest for a phone call just in case she goes into labor when no-one is home. V won being only 5 minutes away and I know she’ll drop everything just like she did the day she came over to take care of B when she wouldn’t stop crying. I took second place being 15 minutes away. Hahahaha. But I’m sure we have quite a few more weeks before any of us get that type of call. But B looks so freaking adorable!
I’m here once again to remind you of how wonderful you are and I am going to do this with each letter so you don’t forget. I’ve told you before that I am so concerned that your prison cell will twist and turn your thoughts and I am trusting you to recognize it and swiftly kick those intrusive thoughts out of your head. Your family loves you and we all know that you have been railroaded!!! At times, it might feel like we will never be able to get anyone outside of this disgusting judicial system to come in and force the rule of law to be followed, but I am still hopeful!
A topic that I was just discussing with the reporter was how I know that there was no investigation. These barbarians tagged you with their assumptions of being a crazy gun owner and they believed that they would find their proof “after” they arrested you. Little did they know that they would find no-one to corroborate their theory that you were a man who would be involved with “using a gun to guarantee a fair fist fight”. I know that no-one even took the time to run your name through their database because that would have shown them that you had a spotless record. My theory is that because they didn’t need to run any of the “six” names because they were all known to the entire Ephrata police department that they just assumed that a man with a gun safe and multiple guns would most certainly be a criminal, so they didn’t even bother to check. My theory again is this explains why they decided to lie so many times on the stand because they had to cover their tracks somehow. What I don’t and can’t understand is what would make them think they could make their statements in the absence of corroborating evidence from the transcripts and get away with it?  I’ll guess we will sooner or later find out why. 
It kills me how this area can just dismiss the laws of probable cause. Dismiss evidence that doesn’t work in their favor. Dismiss past criminal history. Dismiss the word an upstanding citizen who has never once given any reason to doubt him. I will never be able to fathom their thought process of putting a man like you behind bars as a threat to society and leave the 6 out to continue their rampage on the community and their future victims. I continue to pray that one day I can be the force that stops their victimization towards the countless other casualties they (Ephrata and Lancaster County) have left in their wake.
I know you hear this from me all of the time but I need you to hear it over and over so you know that I am still out here fighting for you. My prayers are that this knowledge keeps you strong. I fear so deeply that the evil place you are in will extinguish your inner strength no matter how strong your physical body becomes as you spend your time lifting weights and working out. Please always remember that your inner strength needs nourishment as well. Now that our phone calls have stopped, I feel a little helpless and less in control of this daily reminder.
Sue and I went for a 2 ½ mile walk this morning and then spent the next 2 hours at the cutest little coffee shop in their outside dining area. We talked about everything, but we also talked about you and your environment. She laughed as I told her about our conversation of how some inmates get treated and my quick, unfortunately hypocritical statement of “Well DUGH!” as I explained that I’ve heard the loud voices, ruthless cuss words and vulgarities that were constant in the background of our phone calls. And I continued, “prisons are full of disrespectful, NON-LAW abiding people who don’t have a clue what respect is!” I told her, “Those kind of people would probably think they are treated poorly but I couldn’t imagine that your personality would ever become the target of a prison guards wrath.” And then our tone became a little less jovial as we discussed how unfortunate it was that sometimes it may never matter how respectful you are in a place like that because you will always run into the cowardly employees who just assume that everyone who is in one of their cells is a convicted dangerous felon who is not deserving of any reciprocal respect. I guess it was the first time I actually allowed myself to think about this very real scenario and I once again became very afraid for you.
These are the kind of things that I think creates the real threat of your inner strength suffering. I can’t imagine how hard it may become to stay the sweet, loving, kind man you are given the fact that there will be occasions where “this man” (you) may need to show a more indestructible and impenetrable side. I’m counting on you to know the difference between the two. I’m counting on you to remain one of God’s warriors in there. He will keep you safe!!!
During the times when you are forced to become a rock, please remember my love for you because I know I will always remember the love you have for me. The love you have for our children and the love you have for our entire families. I will always remember how sincere your smiles are and I will always remember how you could find humor, all be it most of the time inappropriate humor, nevertheless humor in ANYTHING! I will always remember how easy it was for you to get a sincere belly laugh out of me and how often my eyes would be watering, and I would have a hard time catching my breath from laughing so hard over an impromptu dance routine for the Home Depot customers. You, my dear sweet husband are the furthest thing from “A threat to society”! What a joke! They locked up someone who made a difference in the lives of others every day of your own life!!! And like I said – I will continue to remind you of these facts until you are in my arms again.
I can’t wait to update you when I return from my company retreat. I love you Mark Ivie! I respect you! I trust you and I AM PROUD OF YOU!!! I am proud of the woman you helped me become and I am proud of your boys who only came back to help pay their mother’s mortgage because of how you (and I) raised them! So many children would just continue to live their lives without a care in the world of where their mother would be laying her head but because these boys are JUST LIKE YOU, they are incredible! You can be proud of that!
I love you forever and always,
Your Wife,
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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie

Personal Letters mailed to Mark Ivie - Inmate #QPxxxx

This Is Not Easy

Publishing my personal letters to my husband is not easy. If I wasn't fighting such a devastating fight, I wouldn't even have to consider it. But my goal is for you, the reader to know who we are. To know that we are very real, caring and loving individuals who are facing an unbelievable nightmare. So, here you go - my heart on my sleeve.

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