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OneSidedJustice "My Husband, A Dying Breed" - Issue #15

Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie
“I was certain that day that you were one of a kind. Softly spoken, incredibly sweet, extremely romantic and very, very wise. I found a dying breed.”

September 2, 2022
Hi Babe,
This entire family cannot wait for our next video call tomorrow. We are always so excited to get to see you in person. I am so grateful that this option is available to us!!!
Fall is here! The mornings and evenings are now brisk again and typically require a jacket even though the days can still get hot. We’re going to be closing the pool this weekend and your instruction videos are going to come in handy. Rest assured that we will follow every single step!
We don’t really have much going on for the holiday weekend. I’m sure we’ll have a nice sit down family dinner in the dining room on one of the nights. The whole family is heading to Costco this afternoon so we’ll have a chance to have something on the menu for everyone. I know that everyone, including me will be missing your cooking. You’d think that this whole household would be losing weight all over the place because we lost your cooking. But I for one am not. 😊 I think it is because most of my dinners consist of a bag of chips and a diet Dr. Pepper. My body is not going to know what to do once you start cooking again! One thing I do know now is that you are going to have to enter your recipes into Mom’s cookbook. Nate is always trying to get all of us to remember how you made everything.
You should know that your Mom loves you so much! She and your Dad are going through some of the same emotions that I am but they don’t have these beautiful babies to help them re-center. They too are fighting this fight each and every day. I know it is going to help once she is able to get approved to join in our video visits. I can’t wait until they can see your positive attitude for themselves.
I do hope your “basketball” black eye isn’t as visible as you say it is for tomorrow’s visit. Hahaha – I don’t want the kids to see anything like that. But, if it is, I’m sure you’ll have them laughing about it very quickly.
We didn’t get Stella’s release document from the State in order to get her approved to visit JR so I think we are going to change up the visitor list for our in person visit on the 10th. I’m hoping we can make arrangements for Dan & Nate to go together. JR would like that so much! I wish we had the ability to go see him more than once per month but it just isn’t possible. I plan on making sure to visit you weekly if they allow it but the group visits usually have a lot of schedule conflicts and it would just be way to expensive to take the whole family that much.
I can’t believe you still have not received any of the books I ordered. I followed their instructions to the tee and since I know they were delivered to the facility nearly 3 weeks ago I am so nervous that they have decided to reject them and send them back to the company. I haven’t seen a refund yet so to my knowledge, they still have them there. The calendars blow my mind if they deny these. I made sure that they didn’t have spiral binding and if they deny due to the staples, I don’t even know where I would find a calendar that doesn’t have one. Thank goodness I also ordered a 2023 since it might take that long for you to receive them. 😊
I have had a lot of time on my hands to just sit and think. A constant thought lately has been of the day we first met.. I think my main attraction with you at first was how you reacted with your children and how they reacted with you. I had my share of being around children that really got on my nerves but from the very moment I saw all of you, I found myself smiling. After I realized that you were also interested in me, I got butterflies. You weren’t the typical guy who was trying to pick me up. Each and everytime I caught you looking my way, I found your eyes to be so calming. I don’t think I had ever encountered such a shy person before. And then….. standing in line as our children were so excited to have their turn on the tilt-a-whirl, you said “Hi”. That was it, one word. Just “Hi.” I remember saying hello back with my typical, “Hi, how are you today.” not sure how brief your answer would be. Your voice was just incredible. I remember sitting in that car with my kids, you sitting with yours. The Tilt-A-Whirl has always been one of my favorite rides and as Mo and I did our best to get the car to tilt in your direction, I found you staring directly at me with every spin. The way you would quickly turn away was so adorable! It actually started to make me think that I may have been incorrect about the mutual feelings. But it happened everytime our cars would spin towards each other. Mo kept encouraging me each time. I know I have told you so many times, but when the ride was over and you started in your direction, which was the opposite of ours and you turned around like you did and waved, I fell hard! Thank goodness Mo was there to force me to chase you down. 😊 I sit here now reliving over and over the next 30 minutes of that encounter that changed my life and I smile. You weren’t as shy as I had assumed. You were just quiet and extremely respectful. Very unique in my book. A giant teddy bear. I try over and over to remember the conversation as our children were forced to go up and down that slide. I think it was the dumbest ride at Lagoon but they were all such good sports. I cannot remember the topic. I can only remember what your voice did to me that day and I laugh thinking how lucky I am that your voice still does that to me now.
There was not one thing about you that day that became different once we got to know each other. I was certain that day that you were one of a kind. Softly spoken, incredibly sweet, extremely romantic and very, very wise. I found a dying breed. Your sense of humor has just became a huge BONUS for me!!! I think most people would find it difficult to believe just how wonderful our relationship is. I am not sure that many marriages can say that they are married to their best friend. And it’s not just that I believe you are my best friend, I also believe with every beat of my heart that you look at me as your best friend. Not having to compete for that title is the absolute best!!
I miss having you open my doors. I miss running to your arms every day for our ritual embrace. I will never get tired of kissing you but I miss the hug more. I miss having you hold my hand everywhere we went and I even miss you consistently telling me to stop holding on so tight because you knew my social anxiety was getting the best of me. The jokes you would make about my irrational thoughts that would make me subconsciously tighten up would have me uncontrollably laughing within moments. Believe it or not, it is those jokes that I still hear in my head that force me to do all of this on my own. You are hilarious and you have always been a blessing to me. Don’t you ever forget that! You will always be my blessing just like you are a blessing to countless others.
I love you so very much and this family loves you!!!!! Always remember that!
Your 4-Ever Wife,
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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie

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