Please Stay Strong In There - Issue #2



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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie

Good Morning Babe,
Or good (whatever time of day it is for you). So, thankfully, I slept quite well last night. Marley did wake me up at around 12:30 for her normal whine fit. Hahahaha. But I fell right back to sleep once we got back in and stayed asleep until my alarm went off. I’m so glad that I deleted my “Call for Prison Inmate Visitation” alarm yesterday morning before it could go off. That would have set me off a little at work. I am feeling it today though. I can’t get over the feeling of being so excited to see you and then realizing over and over already this morning that I don’t get to see you tonight. I’ve told you before, getting used to being without you is heart wrenching!
We got your package yesterday and holy cow babe! Each and every one of us were passing around your artwork going on and on about how no-one knew how talented you were. Thank you so much for making sure these went out before they transferred you and threw away all of your belongings. We are so excited to see everything you are going to do next. That being said, please order everything you need to continue these drawings. Seriously, they are so amazing and you have no idea what it does for us to look at them. I am going to scan each and every one of them and send them to your Mom. She is going to cry. We are also going to go buy an album that we can put them in with sheet protectors so we can all look at them whenever we can. So….. there you go. You don’t need to send letters back…… JUST DRAWINGS AND DRAWINGS AND DRAWINGS!!! Please do that. It was so healing to get that package last night for all of us. You are so talented. It warms my heart and having the drawings seems to do something for me that I didn’t know it would do. It’s healing in a strange sort of way. So, please buy stamps and envelopes and send as many as you can. If you want them back, I’ll scan them and send them back.
D loved the I/R tattoo and he said he is going to have it done on his back, shoulder to shoulder. I’ll bet N does it once D gets his done to make sure the same person does it so it looks identical. I am going to cherish the heart and wings and I am going to frame it for my wall. You were correct about the cards. He is very talented.
Nothing new today regarding the article. I can’t help but keep my hopes up. I am putting my faith and trust in her and I keep praying that she doesn’t let me down.
I got to talk to JR again yesterday. I love that he calls me so much. I so love him. He told me to tell you that he loves you very much and I told him that you and I talk about him all of the time and I told him that you said you love him too. I was able to put money on your commissary but I can’t add you to my visitation account because they are telling me that you have to request them yourself because “an outsider” could be requesting someone that the inmate does not want on their list. Here are everyone’s information so you can just turn this in.
I think about you every second of every day. You remain the most important person in my life and I admire so much about you! I am honored to be your wife and I shout it to the world every chance I get. You being in there means absolutely NOTHING to so many out here. Hundreds of thousands of people know what this local government did was so ridiculous and wrong that is has stirred up a fight that will take more than a few silent weeks to back down from. I don’t care how long you end up being in there. YOU NEED TO ALWAYS KNOW that so many strangers are cheering you on. Your face has become a symbol of injustice and people will be demanding answers. No-one worth caring about feels that you are in the wrong at all and I need you to stay strong with that belief. I have always felt so safe with you in the most dangerous situations because of your willingness to put your family first in any and all situations. To prove my point, I didn’t even realize how much I relied on you for my safety. It’s a new world for me now to just park my car in a grocery parking lot and walk in. I find myself hesitating to get out of the car. I find myself checking my surroundings to make sure that no-one is around and I will subconsciously wait until I feel secure to step out. I never had to worry about that before. You were that security for a million different reasons! You kept us all safe just like you were doing on July 5, 2020. I hear the bullshit from the psychopaths…. “You should have stayed in the house!” STAYED IN THE HOUSE????? So they could end up in our yard or God forbid inside the house or in the backyard to waken those sleeping in the house so we could have all been in as much danger as you and JR????? WTH!!! I trust you 1000% more than I trust any police officer in the world and until now, I didn’t have any distrust for them, I just trusted you more because I knew you would always have done what is necessary to keep us safe. So remember that! You being in there is a sacrifice for those you love. An unfortunate sacrifice but one that I honestly believe you would have chosen again and again because you love us so much. I am so proud of you every time I think of that night. I am so grateful that I was not woken from my sleep during the chaos which would have forced me in the middle of harms way. Can you even imagine if I would have taken my “talk things out” attitude into the middle of their wrath? I’m not even going to put in writing what I know would have happened so THANK YOU for making sure you kept their violence away from me and our daughter!
Please stay strong in there. Please never forget that I am by your side. Please never forget that I would walk through hell for you. Please never allow yourself to question that I will not be there jumping in your arms the second you walk through those gates of hell that evil, twisted and corrupt law enforcement officials put you behind. My smiles are not real. My laughter is only genuine when I’m laughing with you. My heart has stopped beating and my soul is with you.
I love you!!!!
I know you get tired of the song lyrics I force you to read but music is all I have left. I listen to this song over and over on my journey’s and yes - because you are not there to prevent me from keeping it on a loop, sometimes I listen to it over and over all the way to and from work. :-)
I WON’T LET GO (Rascal Flats)
Your loving Wife,
Mrs. Mark Ivie
I Won't Let Go - Rascal Flatts - Lyrics
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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie

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