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Daily Letters to Inmate #QPxxxx - Issue #1

Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie
Daily Letters to Inmate #QPxxxx

The Prison Cell just became REAL!
July 28, 2022
Hello Babe,
I hope you are doing okay. My heart broke in so many ways last night when I heard the crack in your voice. But WE CAN DO THIS! I fell asleep last night pretty quickly but was awake every hour on the hour after that. Thoughts of you are a constant in my head.
I told the family and JR that you have been transferred and that you will be in 23 hour lockdown without access to the phone while you are on quarantine. It is going to be a long couple of weeks. I guess part of me now is becoming a little grateful that I chose to go with the company to our annual company retreat. I think I am going to appreciate the distraction. If you are not allowed to get mail while you are in lockdown, I’m smiling a bit as I imagine you getting a stack of letters before you have even had the opportunity to settle in. I told you I will always be by your side.
I sincerely hope you never lose sight of our love and how strong it is! Don’t worry, I’ll keep reminding you. I love you for so many reasons and I miss you for so many more. I added a new song to my playlist because it is so incredible and talks about exactly how I feel. – Check it out….
Sound Of Surviving-Nichole Nordeman (Lyrics)
I will fight for you till the end of the earth and although you have to be in there, away from the proof, away from the “outside struggle”, just make sure your heart continues to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is happening and there isn’t anyone better equipped to take on this fight than me.
There is no‐one in this universe that I would rather spend my life with and “our life” is still happening. It will be that much sweeter when we get to live it. You are innocent and DON’T YOU EVER FORGET IT!
They WILL NOT break you! They WILL NOT intimidate you! They WILL NOT WIN! You are my life forever and ever. I love you so much!!!
Your Devoted Wife
He is my ROCK!
He is my ROCK!
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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie

Personal Letters mailed to Mark Ivie - Inmate #QPxxxx

This Is Not Easy

Publishing my personal letters to my husband is not easy. If I wasn't fighting such a devastating fight, I wouldn't even have to consider it. But my goal is for you, the reader to know who we are. To know that we are very real, caring and loving individuals who are facing an unbelievable nightmare. So, here you go - my heart on my sleeve.

His transfer just took place on Wed. July 27th and my goal will be to support him with daily letters. We're just getting started! If you choose to sign up for the newsletter, we have been told it initially goes directly to your SPAM filter. Please add (A Twitter Company) to your safe sender list.

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