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"I Will Never Get Too Tired To Believe In You!" - Issue #12

Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie
Just like I will never get too tired to breathe, I will never get too tired to always prove my loyalty by whatever means necessary! 

August 25, 2022
Good Morning Babe,
I miss you so much! It seems like fall is on its way. It has been so beautiful driving to work every day. I feel like I am driving in an exquisite maze of green the entire way. The corn is as tall as it is going to get and although there are soooooo many times that it is difficult to see oncoming traffic at the few stop signs I meet, the uplifting scenery takes away the stress. Sometimes when I am driving through the tunnels of trees that seem to connect branches from each side at the top, I want to just stop my car and sit in the beauty for a bit. This time of year feels like a completely different world.
Sue and I went for a walk on Saturday and we went to the most beautiful “forest”. I was able to take at least 4 photos of the peaceful animals that called this place home. There was a doe literally 5 feet away from us who just stood there and waited for us to move on our way. I stopped to take a photo and she is looking directly into the camera. I was also able to take a picture of a squirrel that was sitting on a branch of one of the trees next to us. It didn’t move. It was so cool. The trail was worn so these guys must be used to the humans that enjoy their environment. One of the photos is completely bare of the charming fox who was there when I snapped it. I zoomed in every direction, and I have come to the conclusion that she was completely in my imagination because when I snapped the photo, she was standing still. Hahahaha. That’s ok. At least I’m seeing imaginary fox and not monsters. 😊
We actually did 2 ½ miles and it took us a complete hour. I’m getting there. Little did Sue know that she was just about to have to carry me on her back. Then I saw the finish line and forced myself to finish on my own two feet. If I had been walking with you, I’m sure we would have taken at least 15 breaks and I know you would have been annoyed but you would have taken the breaks with me. ❤ As we were walking, there was a park bench and Sue stated, “We need to stop here for a second so I can clear the rocks out of my shoes.” I knew she didn’t have rocks in her shoes. Hahahahaha. She’s a good friend.
She always asks about you and she is genuinely concerned. She has been the most amazing support system for me but she has come to appreciate you and she has never even met you. She trusts my love for you and she respects it. She knows you are an incredible man.
I have been so lucky that I have been able to speak with JR 3 times already this week. His voice warms my heart everytime I hear it. He received a letter yesterday from the State Corrections Department that said that they were in the process of lifting all of the remaining Covid restrictions and that they were going to open up more programs. He was hoping that this would include opening up the gym more than once per week since he has been focusing on weightlifting. He said that they might even be opening up church services again. I can’t believe that the prison system would have even stopped church services. What is this world coming to??? This is the main problem with the world today.
I was watching a video yesterday where someone had taken a clip from a video that had gone viral of a 3-4 year old young girl in the backseat of the car. Sitting in a car seat. She had a McDonald’s happy meal sack on her lap and was taking out some chicken nuggets. She looked directly at her Mom who was filming and said with the most evil look on her face and said so matter of factly, “I don’t care that they forgot the f***ing ranch!” and you then hear the Mom laugh uncontrollably. The person who posted the short clip then came back on with a rant of how horrible this video was and how the parents are to blame for her disgusting behavior because they laughed instead of putting a bar of soap in her mouth. He then went on to show how many views the video had received. Millions. 
I agree with his conclusion. This child and her parents represent what is wrong with the world today. There is no respect. No consequence. No discipline. People like this girl and her parents are becoming the overwhelming norm while those in opposition of their mindset, the ones trying to hold to their values are victimized. This is exactly what happened to you. 6 unruly, violent, lawless individuals who have never had to deal with structure or rules felt their right to show up at our home at 1:30 in the morning was absolute regardless of why they were there. Our society has chosen to coddle the whims of this violent society and only want to give them a time out in the corner. Even if they would have killed our son if you had not been there, I’m sure they would have found some way to paint their actions much differently that they chose to paint yours. I truly believe this. Our side of the fence was in a lose/lose situation regardless of how we met their violence. The fact that the Ephrata Police said they had the right to be there says it all.
Can you imagine if a pedophile was given a free pass and was found justified for his actions against a 12 year old because the 12 year old was talking to the pedophile online and gave the pedophile his/her address. The pedophile shows up, escorts the 12 year old into his vehicle while his/her parents are sleeping and has his/her way with the 12 year old. Found to be completely within the pedophile’s rights because the 12 year old gave his/her consent. Well, guess what….. there is a movement going on right now where activists are working to get the word pedophile removed from the court or judicial system and they want them to be called “minor attracted individuals” and one of their arguments is the sentence I just typed.
My letters are supposed to be uplifting. But you know me, I always have to get these things out and since you are my best friend, you get to hear the not so uplifting as well. Just for a moment.
That moment has now passed, and I want to remind you how much you mean to me. When you made the joke last night about me “getting tired of you”, I found myself having mixed emotions. First off, your laugh made me beam as I relished in the thought that you were so certain that I would never get tired of you that you were able to make a joke about it. I was proud of your confidence. I felt a surge of strength course through my soul. I felt myself tighten my posture in my chair with a smile on my face and I laughed with you. Later, as I was laying in bed, my mind went over every sentence of our conversation as I typically do. I then remembered a promise I made to myself which was to always be the one to reassure you even when you are not asking for reassurance. I promised myself this because I know you. I know that you are completely capable of forcing negative thoughts out of your mind and your heart the moment they enter. I know that you have an inner strength that can combat the outer world and that inner strength can conquer the mightiest of intrusions but even the Lone Ranger needed Tonto! So know this Mr. Ivie. I will never get tired of you. I will never get tired of this fight. I will never get tired of waiting for you. I will never get tired of being honored to be your wife. I will never get tired of the day-to-day grind that this entire family has been forced to endure. I will never get tired of believing in you! You are my world. My peace. My solace. My life. Just like I will never get too tired to breathe, I will never get too tired to always prove my loyalty by whatever means necessary! I love you to the moon and back – FOREVER! 
Your Loving Wife,
3 1/2 - 7 Years in Prison for Protecting His Family !
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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie

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