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Family Retreat Without You - Issue #6

Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie
I Can’t Wait To Laugh With You Again

August 1, 2022
Hi Babe,
It is so beautiful up here. Unfortunately, I took a walk to find frogs and there doesn’t appear to be any around. There are two beautiful ponds here and I did see numerous little tiny fish near the edges but no signs or sound of frogs. Maybe I will see some tonight?
I drove by the Camp Hill exit on my way here. What a coincidence. I so badly wanted to take the exit and beg them to let me see you. I wonder how that would have turned out. 😊
I’m sitting here at a secluded park bench getting investigated by every bug in the neighborhood. Trying to make sure I recognize when a skeeto lands on me. I’m thinking it was the wrong choice to lotion down with my BedBath “Nightlife” scent. Hahahaha.
Knowing I am this close to you has me focusing on your energy. I wonder if you could feel it? I miss you so much! I wish you could be here with me now. You should see how many little, tiny people are making me smile. It’s calming.
It’s so peaceful here. There is such a loud silence. When you focus, it’s almost like you can hear the air in the background of the numerous types of bird chirps, rustling leaves, soft whistles (I’m guessing from another bird) and other sounds that seem to be difficult to describe. It makes me realize why you are always leaving towards a mountain retirement rather than a beach side retirement. 😊
I’m (kinda, sorta) trespassing on a property that has a nice size cabin type home where their basement opens out to the area where I am sitting. It has a large rock firepit in the middle and a huge carved out tree trunk that they have turned into a bench that could sit at least 5 comfortably. They have intentionally placed a 20-foot log on another side where a large group could also sit next to the fire. The property itself sits on the edge of a stream – (Where I was searching for the frogs!) There are 2 large, covered decks. One in the front and one in the back. I could envision us owning like this where we could spend peaceful days alone in each other’s arms when the family isn’t visiting.
Unfortunately, I haven’t seen one animal? Maybe it’s because of the noise that our large group brings to the environment?
I hope you know how much you mean to me and how much a part of my soul you are. I’m here in this heaven on earth and I am still preoccupied with constant thoughts of you. Thoughts of you keep me sane and alive! I’m here thinking about your eyes and how I’ve never seen such a dark brown before. I’m thinking of all of the times I would catch you staring and smiling at me and how special that always made me feel. I’m thinking about your laughter and how warm it always was. I’m thinking about your sense of humor and how it always reminded me of my Dad. Even the inappropriate side. Those have always been the funniest.
I can’t wait to laugh again with you and I can’t wait to physically touch you. My energy has been going through serious withdrawals. I need a fix!!!!
I honestly don’t like not being able to talk to you but I am so grateful to your Mom & Dad that we were able to talk as long as we did. I miss your voice. Remember how I’ve always told you how unique your voice is. There is something about your tone that vibrates the soul and I could use it about now.
I am staying strong for you and I know you are staying strong for me. It is only a matter of time before someone with the ability to help in the way we need the help will hear what happened. I am screaming at the top of my lungs and I need you to know that. Someone will hear sooner or later and that is a fact! We’ve got this babe!!! I love you so much!!! 
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Nicole Ivie
Nicole Ivie

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