7 Stories To Read This Weekend

By Om Malik

Every weekend I recommend seven stories to read that will enrich your life and educate you.

Every weekend I recommend seven stories to read that will enrich your life and educate you.

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MailBag (AI + Randomness of the human mind)

I don’t think the mind is random at all. I think that the entire business/culture/paradigm/worldview of computer scientists and AI evangelists is missing a far deeper and more fundamental issue: the intrinsic, inherent, essential embeddedness of the human min…


Has music lost that loving feeling?

Over past few months, I have become strangely obsessed with reconnecting to music, listening, curating and most importantly experiencing it, much like I used to about a decade ago. In the years that intervened, like many, I too succumbed to the charms of stre…


Will AI match randomness of a human mind?

The other Sunday, I was sitting in Sightglass, chatting with a friend and having coffee. It is what I usually do on the weekend, talk to friends in real life. He stepped away for a few minutes and all I heard between the strains of rock music, the constant rh…


7 Stories to read this weekend

November is already past the half-way mark. Most of us are getting excited about the much-needed Thanksgiving break. And what that means — time to indulge in some great reads from around the Internet. 


What to read this weekend - My Favorites

This past week brought quite a few great stories that informed, entertained and disturbed me. From my perspective, these are good signals of stories worth reading. 


Here is what to read this weekend

I took a little vacation to get away from all the negativity in the social media, signed off from Facebook and said goodbye to Twitter. And in middle of rural Italy, they were talking about Facebook and the election. Thankfully I don't speak Italian. I just h…


Facebook, Twitter & Good Tech Reads from the web

Change is hard, even in Silicon Valley. How to think about Facebook and its algorithm.


Lies & Likes of Facebook + 7 stories worth a reading

Thank you everyone who is new to our little community. If you have come here on the recommendation of the every-so prolific Bob Lefsetz, I will try to live up to his expectations and keep you informed. It was busy week at work, which meant a lot less time to …


7 Stories to read this weekend: Labor Day Edition

It is unseasonably hot this weekend in San Francisco Bay Area. Climate Change? Seems like and that's all anyone can talk about. For me it is a 65 degree variation from a couple of days ago when I was in Alaska walking across a glacier. I am beating the heat b…


7 stories to read this weekend

Heads-up: A dear friend is getting married next weekend so there won't a newsletter. I will be out having fun!


7 Things to read this weekend

It turned out to be a lazy weekend and I didn't even get around to turning on the computer, checking emails or even using the phone till this morning. That's a long way of apologizing for being slow in sending this weekend's newsletter! 


7 Things to read this weekend

Traveling is great fun, but it does throw off my reading schedule, which makes it difficult to recommend stories for you to read over the weekend. Well, that is the excuse I am using this week, and trying to make up for my tardiness by recommending what I thi…


Goodbye iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano

All good (and even great) things come to an end. After twelve years, it is finally curtains for iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. "Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup with two models of iPod touch now with double the capacity starting at just $199 and we are …


7 Things to read today (or maybe later)

The persistent pain in my hand forced me off the Internet over the weekend and as a result I wasn't able to send my newsletter and share some of these fantastic reads. Well, better late than never. Also, expect another pack of great links later this week. 


7 Things to read this weekend

It has been a while. I have been traveling and enjoying life off the screen. But as I get back into the swing of things - reading more and writing often, I am reviving my "7 things to read this weekend" emails, though it is difficult for me to promise to turn…


OmSays: Practice, don't preach!

After a hectic few weeks of travel, this morning I finally got a chance to get back into the routine of reading and replying to emails, tuning into the ether to get the latest updates on technology news, and most importantly, opening my writing app to jot dow…


Quick update: Back in the flow again

"Writer’s Block is just an excuse by people who don’t write for not writing," quipped (not surprisingly) writer Giando Sigurani -- and that is perhaps the best description of my past two months. I...


Worth Reading: Ethereum, Falling Pando & Tech’s immortality obsession

Many of us in California are bracing for a long windy and wet weekend. And if you're like me, you will holed up at home and need something to do. I have a handful of stories that might be worth readin...


Worth Reading: Stan Smith, Algorithms, and John Oliver

We had a beautiful and sunny weekend in San Francisco — a much-needed break between endless days of drizzle. And that meant a chance to walk around and clock in my 10,000 steps. It also meant less r...


What The LaCroix & Other Fun Reads

Between work commitments and finding time to finish Brad Stone’s fantastic new book, *The Upstarts* , which is a care...