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Facebook, Twitter & Good Tech Reads from the web

The Facebook drama keeps getting weirder and weirder. Yesterday, they got smacked down by the first S
Facebook, Twitter & Good Tech Reads from the web
By Om Malik • Issue #46 • View online
The Facebook drama keeps getting weirder and weirder. Yesterday, they got smacked down by the first Social Media President (Donald Trump,) forcing Mark Zuckerberg to respond. BackChannel says that Zuck has become the face of the company and while it has paid of dividends in good times, things might not be as rosy in these days of throwing-stones-at-everything-technology. 
Don’t get me wrong — I have my own set of issues and the list of my concerns is growing. After all these are the six questions I ask when I think about Facebook on a daily basis.
That said, the Facebook drama is way more important and real for our society than Silicon Valley Establishment’s reaction to Twitter experimenting with 280 characters instead of 140 characters. My view, on the experiment is to let them try instead of holding them back being so critical. 

  • The coming software apocalypse, is a great long read on The Atlantic. I didn’t like the headline, but the story is great look into our reliance of software and weaknesses that are all around it. I urge you to read this
  • If you look hard enough, you know Amazon HQ2 is just spin and polishing a turd, John Battelle eruditely explains.
  • A driverless car with some common sense? A startup called iSee is working on it. I am not clear on how their approach is special compared to other, but otherwise it seems like an idea and a company paying attention to. MIT Technology Review has the story.
  • Let Twitter be Twitter, Dave Winer argues.
  • Surveillance is the business model of the Internet, says Bruce Schneier, commenting on this story about Tinder. Eyeopening
  • You want more context, then read this N+1 story, The Commercial Surveillance State
  • FBI exposes wide scale corruption in the (US) College Basketball program. Worth a read. # 
  • 88 percent of American adults watched the August total solar eclipse or about 215 million. That’s a lot. # 
  • Listen up Steve Jobs wannabes, being abusive bosses works only for so long. So shape up. # 
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