7 Things to read this weekend

Traveling is great fun, but it does throw off my reading schedule, which makes it difficult to recomm
7 Things to read this weekend
By Om Malik • Issue #41
Traveling is great fun, but it does throw off my reading schedule, which makes it difficult to recommend stories for you to read over the weekend. Well, that is the excuse I am using this week, and trying to make up for my tardiness by recommending what I think are really great stories worth reading this weekend. 

Are new shows on streaming services, such as Netflix true successors to Victorian serials in this internet age? 
Gaston Grant works full-time at UPS. And this is the story of a horse he co-owns with his brother, Anthony. Perfect read for the weekend, if you ask me.
Patagonia’s war against the Trump administration over protections for public land in a bid to become a serious political player. 
Soylent is a high-protein drink designed to appeal to lifehackers, dieters & techies. It takes it name from a sci-fi book where Soylent (obviously) is the food replacement that everyone eats, and the most popular flavor is Soylent Green, which is actually made from human flesh. Oh, this is just the start! This is one of the most hilarious takedown of Silicon Valley’s favorite drink, after La Croix, obviously! 
I want to say more, but the story is so good, that you should just read it. Two thumbs up on this one. 
The British Empire was cruel, rapacious and racist Shashi Tharoor writes in  his new book An Era Of Darkness. Alex Tabarrok has a different point of view. 
All good (and even great) things come to an end. After twelve years, it is finally curtains for iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. I say my goodbyes!
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Helsinki Summer: a photo gallery
I was in Helsinki this past week and due to long days and short nights, I had a chance to make a lot of photos in the capital of Finland. Here is a selection of photos made with my new iPhone SE and edited on the phone with RNI Films. 
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