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Insights -Time Line special - Issue #6
By B Hari • Issue #6 • View online
In this issue we will take a look at the latest updates from Notion which was announced on November 11, 2020. On the same day there were several videos published in explaining how to use the new features . The community was looking forward to some of these features which adds more versatility and power to Notion.
We also present a collection of videos on Notion and Roam Research from the database.
Indians all over the world celebrate Diwali this week. It is a festival of lights and is celebrated with great enthusiasm as it symbolises the victory of good over evil . Happy Diwali to all of you.

Interview with Ivan Zhao , Notion CEO
Natsuki Zihnioglu , Head of platform at DNX Ventures interviewed Ivan Zhao , CEO and coFounder of on Nov 11,2020 . Ivan shared :
I’m amazed by how complex people’s project management workflows are . Notion essentially gives people a database you can customize in any way to run your company .Some of the customers will talk about how they have set up very intricate workflows with their project management and that has been eye-opening and which also ties back to our mission of just how the software should mould into the human , into the company not the other way around.
Watch the video and learn about the company’s focus and why Notion is loved by users.
Why Notion is loved by users: Customization and Quality
Why Notion is loved by users: Customization and Quality
November trends indicate flat growth
Update as on November 14, 2020
Update as on November 14, 2020
The second week of November 2020 has registered a total of 6,94,261 total views in the last 7 days.
Here are the highlights:
  • Total views from Nov 8th -Nov 14th is 2,19,551 for videos published in November. Videos published prior to November registered a total of 8,35,174 in November.
  • Total new videos published between Nov 8th-Nov 14th is 93, while the total videos published upto November 14 is 155. In comparison the videos published between October 1st- October 14th , 2020 was 119 while it was 140 for September.
Out of the total views recorded for new videos in November , 70 % of views have come from 5 videos. Other than the top 2 videos reported in the last edition of insights the following videos published this week have done well :
What Is Agile Development? (And How I Use It With Notion)”- by Kalle Halden ( sponsored by Notion ) with 24,625 views is at 4th spot in November as of now .
What Is Agile Development? (And How I Use It With Notion)
What Is Agile Development? (And How I Use It With Notion)
Daniel Titchener’s “Confronting Digital Addiction ” had 23,146 views when this newsletter was published and is in the 5th spot.
Confronting Digital Addiction
Confronting Digital Addiction
Muchelleb’s Video which was #3 last week has moved to the #2 spot with 54261 views over Mariana’s Study corner’s video which is now at #3 with 50,584 views. Ali Abdaal’s video continues to retain the #1 spot with 1,55,363 views when this newsletter was published.
Overall the growth for November appears to be flat as shown in the chart below.
Videos published in November 2020
Videos published in November 2020
Roam Research and Notion
Roam Research is a note-taking tool for networked thought. Several Notion Pros and others have admired some of the features and power of Roam Research . Roam has gained significant popularity specially with power users , some of whom consider it as a serious challenger on note taking to Notion. Click on the banner to view and duplicate the collection of videos .
Roam research & Notion
Roam research & Notion
Notion 2.10 with Timeline and others
Notion introduced Timeline views , bug fixes and some more feature updates on November 11,2020 . The community was quite excited and around eleven videos have been published on the new features and how one should put them to use. The down side was the fact that Notion had put a maximum of three timeline views for the free and Pro version . This restrictive policy on paid personal accounts did not make any sense to me and several users have expressed displeasure on this to which the company has stated that they would review the same after some more time.
Click on the banner below to see all the videos on timeline.
623 publishers as on November 15. 2020
A total of 28 new publishers were added in the last one week taking the total number publishers logged by to 623.
Parting thoughts
Having watched a few 100 videos on Notion in the last 4 months, it is amazing to see how people have found ways to put the software to use. Though most of the videos are from individuals , there are several enterprise success stories that is published by Notion and others. In a recent tweet tweeted
We’re excited to release Documentation for Dummies, giving you access to over 65 templates based on real docs from our Notion workspace. The link is here :
It is heartening to see so much love and passion for a software product like Notion from individuals and entities.
Have a great week ahead. Take care and be safe . See you next week. Hari
All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. Acknowledge with gratitude the contribution and support of the community.
This issue is sponsored by , see their Diwali video here (language in the video is Hindi , but you will be able to understand the emotions ).
A Heartfelt Gift from every Mother to her Daughter || MirrAR by StyleDotMe ||
A Heartfelt Gift from every Mother to her Daughter || MirrAR by StyleDotMe ||
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B Hari
By B Hari

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