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Insights -Medical Students :Issue #4

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Insights -Medical Students :Issue #4
By B Hari • Issue #4 • View online
Welcome to the fourth issue of Insights. This issue has a collection of videos from the database , that have been shared by students of medicine explaining how they use Notion. You may already know that one of the most popular Youtubers and Notion users , Ali Abdaal is a Doctor by training. Hope this comes in handy for students specially those who are pursuing medicine and Nursing studies.
The Notion API story is picking up momentum. In a recent tweet ( Oct 30 ,2020) Ivan Zhao , Founder of Notion tweeted that they would be gradually opening the Notion API over the coming month for early access.
Meanwhile an email invite from Notion automations through Valentin Geffroy was quite interesting , where he stated that an unofficial Notion API has been launched in Product Hunt . Check out the video in this issue of Insights.

10% drop in views of Notion videos in October
October Data
October Data
Total views for all videos (1424 videos) on Notion published in English this year in the various youtube channels and logged by shows a cumulative 12.73 million views as on 31 Oct , 2020 (this includes cumulative views of 30 videos published by Notion prior to 2020 which is 9,68,182 as on 31 th Oct , 2020) .
Highlights :
  1. 261 videos added to the database in October 2020 , including 3 videos withdrawn and 1 video classified as members only.
  2. 10 % drop in views for October videos in comparison to September
  3. All videos put together (1394) received an average of 101,581 daily views in October 2020, out of which new videos received 35,582 average views per day and videos prior to October received 65,999 average daily views in October, 2020.
  4. For every 3 views received in October 2020 , one is for the new video published in October while two are for older videos.
  5. Top 10 videos of October contributed 83% of the views while the top 5 videos of October , contributed 72.2 % of the total views
  6. Videos sponsored by Notion and presented by popular youtubers constitute a very large portion of the video views.
  7. Popular Notion Pro’s like Marie Poulin , August Bradley, William Nutt, Red Gregory , Danny Hatcher , Murali Balaraman and others continue to grow their follower base and play a significant role in growing the community , though the viewership numbers for their videos are not as high as those of the sponsored videos.
Chart showing first day views and new videos shows a declining trend
Chart showing first day views and new videos shows a declining trend
The above chart shows spikes on first day views specially on the days when Videos from popular youtubers are published. The other days in October have almost a flat and declining number of views . This is also reflected in the chart below which tracks daily views for the month of October 2020.
Chart showing daily views for the month of October 2020
Chart showing daily views for the month of October 2020
Twelve videos with over 200K views
Here are the top 12 videos of 2020 , logged by as on October 31, 2020 . These videos have registered over 200K views each since their date of publication. These 12 videos have registered 874k views in the last 31 days and a cumulative of 3.82 million views in 2020.
Notion Automations launches unofficial API
Though I could not test out the APIs there are some interesting use cases . The claims are
  • ⚙️ Connect Notion with +3k apps using Zapier private connector
  • 🙌 30+ ready-to-use cloneable automations
  • ✅ Access to the Unofficial API to read/edit/delete from any page or view (Table, Kanban, Calendar…)
Notion Automations
Notion Automations
Will be interesting to see the feedback from the user community. Will also test it and try to file a note in the next issue.
Notion Videos from Medical students
Here is a collection of videos published by students of medicine and nursing on how they use Notion for their studies . This is the first version and we will continue to improve the quality of curation as we go along. Please click on the image below and you can duplicate the data base and use it as per your convenience.
569 publishers as on Oct 31, 2020
A total of 25 new publishers were added in the last one week taking the total number publishers logged by to 569 .
Parting thoughts
I started casually on June 20, 2020. Initially I would spend an hour everyday and complete all my work . I had no idea of what it could turn out to be . I had no objective of monetising it as well. I built it for myself and did not bother to do what I advise startups to do - Product Market Fit . As I complete 4 months , I thought it was time for me to do a review of what I have done and if it all this work serves any purpose.
The biggest take away for me from was my ability to understand how to mine for videos on any topic and regularly collect , classify and curate them . I have automated almost 80 % of the work required to be done for this and aim to get to 90% soon . The tools and processes that have got developed over the last 4 months appear to be very useful and are totally built using nocode tools.
Would you like to share your thoughts with our readers ? Do feel free to send in your note.
Take care and please vote if your country has an election this week. See you next week. Stay safe. Hari
All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. Acknowledge with gratitude the contribution and support of the community .
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B Hari
By B Hari

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