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Insights - Formula special - Issue #3

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Insights - Formula special - Issue #3
By B Hari • Issue #3 • View online
Welcome to the third issue of Insights. This issue has a special collection of videos on Notion formulas as well as a collection of the Top 26 popular Notion videos of the year 2020 which account for over 50% of all views received by the 1329 videos tracked by . This issue also provides you the link to download the complete collection of all the 123 videos published till date in the channel of along with that of August Bradley , one of the most popular notion experts in the community , who has now started a very special course on Notion and is building a community of users embracing his PPV system and productivity apps like Notion.

October data , points to a declining trend
On September 25, 2020, the total views recorded for September videos was 10,44,628 for videos published in the month of September. As on October 25, 2020 the total views recorded for October videos is 8,58,714 showing a drop of almost 18% in views for the month of October in comparison to September 2020. The top 3 videos of Ali Abdaal ( 2) and Sara Dietschy (1) contributed 71% of the total views in October.
The charts of October and September clearly shows that momentum of September has somewhat slowed down in October 2020. There is still a week left in October and Notion will need some attractive videos from high profile Youtubers in the last week of October to keep the momentum that has built up over the last few months.
The average First day views ( the number of views received by a video on the day it is published) is also showing a declining trend in October in comparison to September 2020.
Most popular videos of 2020
October 25, 2020 : The database now has logged 1339 videos (including 18 videos withdrawn after publishing) published this year in . These videos have recorded a total of 12.34 million views this year as on Oct 25, 2020.
Out of these 1330 views top 26 videos account for 6. 2 million views which is almost 51% of the total views. Click on the banner below to access the most popular Notion videos of 2020.
29 new publishers this week has registered a total of 543 channels publishing Notion Videos. This week a total of 29 new publishers have been added. Click here to see the new publishers and you can watch their channel from the link.
We are also presenting the latest database of videos published in comprising of 123 videos ( 93 published this year ) , This data base is updated as on Oct 23, 2020 .
August Bradley's collection
August Bradley has not published any Notion video since his last announcement video published on 9 October , 2020 . Here is a collection of all his videos published till Oct 25, 2020.
Formula Special
October 25, 2020 : Formulas are quite powerful in Notion and can be used in almost all situations. The formulas in most use cases can be simple but can also become extremely complex in certain situations. This collection of videos on formulas will come in quite handy for both beginners , intermediate and advanced users of Notion. As a first step , we have compiled a set of 25 videos which all talk about how to use one of the most powerful features of Notion.
There are amazing videos in this collection , which facilitate your easy understanding of formulas. expresses its gratitude to August Bradley , Danny Hatcher, Keep Productive, Khe Hy ,Murali Balaraman, Productividad con Ruben Loan, Red Gregory , William Nutt, Marie Poulin ( Notion Office Hours) for their valuable contribution to the community. One can keep the Notion Cheat sheet from Notion Vip handy . This work is ongoing and we will keep improving and adding more content in subsequent issues of Insights . Click on the image below to see the Formula - Simple to Complex collection of videos.
Parting thoughts
There are so many good things that are happening around us. I see so many new templates , several useful add ons and many learnings that are shared by the users in the Notion community. There are people and groups, who are also curating great stuff for the benefit of the community. I would love to hear from you and know what we can do better.
Today is Dussehra where the world celebrates the Hindu god Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravana and the triumph of good over evil. Hope the world emerges victorious in the battle with Covid 19 this year.
See you next week. Stay safe . Hari
All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. Acknowledge with gratitude the contribution and support of the community .
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