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Insights - Backlinks special
By B Hari • Issue #2 • View online
Welcome to the second issue of Insights. This issue has a special collection of videos on backlinks, which was recently introduced as a feature in Notion. This issue also provides you the link to download the complete collection of all the 120 videos published till date in the channel of Notion.

Impressive month on month growth in October
Videos published in October 2020 have higher daily views in comparison to videos published in September indicating that the overall viewership for Notion videos has grown month on month. The above chart shows that on 4th of September, 2020 - videos published in the month of September had cumulative views of 78, 872 while videos published in October ,2020 had cumulative views of 132,242 views on 4th of October, 2020 .
As on 17 October the cumulative views for October videos was 659,130 whereas on 17 September the cumulative views for videos published in September was 438,421 . This is almost a 50%+ growth month on month in terms of daily views for new videos published in the month. However the average views per day for September videos as at 30 September was 46612 views while the running average views for October videos till 17 th of Oct is 38642 . The boost for September average views came from videos of Captain Sinbad - “The productivity app that manages my entire life” published on 17 September 2020 - and Ali Abdaal’s The 5 Magical Apps That Changed My Life published on 18 September , 2020.
However what is significant to note is that out of the total views recorded till Oct 17, for videos published in October 2020 , 85% of views ( 562,551) have come from 5 videos out of 147 videos published in October (in till 17th Oct) and logged by in our database. It will be interesting to see which youtubers will sponsor in the next two weeks in October to keep the numbers moving.
Other than the two videos published by Ali Abdaal in October 2020 which now have cumulative views of 438,167 as on date , the next three videos published this month have 124, 384 views . The three videos are presented here.
Sarah Dietschy - the iPad is ALMOST Perfect Now..
the iPad is ALMOST Perfect Now..
the iPad is ALMOST Perfect Now..
Mathew Encina - Be Productive & Stay Organized
Be Productive & Stay Organized – My Notion Setup Tour
Be Productive & Stay Organized – My Notion Setup Tour
Harshibar -The BIGGEST Problem with Notion
The BIGGEST Problem With Notion (and most productivity apps)
The BIGGEST Problem With Notion (and most productivity apps)
A smart clipper for Notion
Tools on tech recently published a video where he showcased a smart chrome extension for Notion called Save to Notion. The features appear to be better than the Notion clipper .
More capable than the official extension and can save the contents of articles just as well, too. The problem is that it doesn’t save the contents of articles as well as I’d like. But neither does the official extension, so hopefully that’ll continue to improve all around. We still can’t quite get to the Evernote web clipper level of quality in Notion, yet. But my fingers are crossed. I think it’ll happen soon. - Review by Jon Kinney
When Anis Craheix , the author was asked what was the motivation behind writing this application he says :
- I was using Notion a few months ago for taking notes and extracting all the knowledge from the articles/videos/books I was consuming, I wanted to quickly bookmark web pages to facilitate my journey so I decided to make this extension.
- in the very short term I plan to add a feature to quickly take notes when visiting a web page.
I’ll also plan to make it easier to use, remove frictions, any feedback is welcome!
Download the latest collection of Notion videos
The Notion 105 collection was published in August 2020 . The database has now grown to 120 videos. Click on the image below to download it.
Publisher spotlight
A total of 25 new publishers were added in the database this week.
In this edition we feature Tami Moser , PhD .
Backlinks in Notion
Bi directional linking or Backlinks was a feature which was requested by the Notion community. Innovative implementation of backlinks could lead to a new way of designing pages and databases. Here is a collection of videos on backlinks which were published in September and October 2020. Click on the banner to view the backlink collection.
Parting thoughts
Writing an interesting newsletter consistently is quite a task. Requires commitment , dedication and enthusiasm . Thank you for your encouragement . One last thought . How many distinct people view Notion Videos on a daily basis (average) ? Though I do not have the accurate answer , the data gathered shows that in October the cumulative views for all videos in the database was 1,00,20516 on October 2 which went up to 1,07,24,157 on October 10 showing an increase of 7,03,641 views over 7 days. This gives an average of 1,00,520 views per day. What do you think ? Please do share your feedback . Be safe and see you next week. Hari
All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. Acknowledge with gratitude the contribution and support of the community .
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B Hari
By B Hari

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