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Insights and Notion song - Issue #5

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Insights and Notion song - Issue #5
By B Hari • Issue #5 • View online
Welcome to the fifth issue of Insights. Joe Biden has defeated President Trump in the 2020 presidential election as he secured the 270 electoral college votes required to win the race, according to projections by The Associated Press, NBC News and other news outlets. Trump also released a statement: “The simple fact is this election is far from over. ”
Hope everything settles down quickly and politicians start working for the people . Corona has disrupted several lives and it is important for governments to focus on providing healthcare and economic support to citizens. It is strange that electronic voting is not used in the USA . It would solve lots of time and efforts and provide ease of use to many citizens to exercise their franchise.Hope we can see at least partial electronic voting in the next elections.

Good start for Notion Videos in November
The first week of November 2020 has started off well for Notion Videos. There is a decent growth in number of views in comparison to the first 7 days of both September and October 2020
Here are the highlights:
  • Total views from Nov 1st -Nov 7th is 2,15,775 for new videos published in November video. In October 2020 the total views for new October videos was 1,60,930 whereas for September it was 1,53,594 for the first 7 days.
  • Total new videos published beween Nov 1st-Nov 7th is 62 . October also had 62 new videos published in the first 7 days while September recorded 51 videos in the first 7 days.
  • Out of the total views recorded for new videos in November 82% of views have come 3 videos. Here are the top 3 videos of November 2020 as on Nov 7 :
Ali Abdaal’s ( UK) “How I really read books fast ” has 1,23,111 views when this newsletter was published.
How I Read 521 Books a Year
How I Read 521 Books a Year
This is followed by Mariana’s Study corner ( Portugal) with 44,906 views
my online classes routine + note taking method
my online classes routine + note taking method
Muchellab’s (Australia) has 31,705 views for her Video “How I organise my whole life in Notion”
How I Organise My Whole Life In Notion ☀️
How I Organise My Whole Life In Notion ☀️
On an average a total of 70,000 views per day were recorded in November till date with new videos ( published in November) getting around 30,000 views and the balance 40,000 views coming from videos prior to November 2020.
New - Guides and tutorials page from
Guides & tutorials (new) from
Guides & tutorials (new) from
595 publishers as on November 7. 2020
A total of 29 new publishers were added in the last one week taking the total number publishers logged by to 595.
Notion Pros launch paid courses and templates
Who is that someone ?
Who is that someone ?
In the last two months , the Notion marketplace as gained momentum with launch of new courses by several popular Notion experts like August Bradley , William Nutt , Murali Balaraman, Marie Poulin and several others. Thomas Frank ( with 2 million + followers in has also announced that he will be launching a Notion course soon. There are several Pros who have launched templates (paid) like Stuart Carter , Daniel Canosa , William Nutt , Murali Balaraman and others. It was interesting to see offering “A fundraising tool box ” in Notion. Several other websites with Notion related widgets , templates , goods , hosting etc have started monetising their work . The market for notion related products and services is taking off very smartly.
Dragan Ruzic's Notion song is awesome
Notion Song /by Homesick Mac
Notion Song /by Homesick Mac
Homesick Mac (Dragan Ruzic) is an acoustic (for the most part) guitarist and singer born in former Yugoslavia, now living in Sweden. He runs annual Guitar Retreats for “non-guitarists” at the island of Ven. Dragan says
“ This is a funny little ditty devoted to my favourite app - Notion ( The song is originally an old traditional "Hesitation Blues”.
So while we’re waiting for thet API… “
Here are the lyrics :
Tell you now Notion, hope you understood
you’re the best app in the neighbourhood
I love the feel, love the UI
But when is it coming that… API
Won’t you tell me how long, do I (we) have to wait
Can I (we) get it now, must I (we) hesitate
(repeats after every verse..)
In this Notion, you just, click around
Never lose the track, to where you´re bound
But I’m just wondering, when you’re gonna code
To please poor me, just give me offline mode
Won’t you tell me how long
August Bradley, you watch him gladly
He’s gonna take you through his PPV
Marie Poulin, Notion Queen
That’s the prettiest setup that you’ve ever seen
No need to run to the nearest bank
Here’s a free template by mr. Thomas Frank
And Ali Abdaal, he wasn’t to late
he gave us the calendar that will Resonate
William Nutt, he will kick your ___
If your Notion needs some serious cut
bulletproof stuff might make you a little sour
don’t worry man, here comes his Office Hour..
Conrad Lin, I’ll tell ya, he’s a spy
he just wants you to gamify
Alex Sharewood, the aNotioneer makes a template so dear
And Murali and Danny, they’re your formula guys
Won’t you tell me how long…
Don’t be selfish, and ware a mask
I’m pretty sure that it ain’t too much to ask
she quit her job, that’s what she said
Hey now Notion, here comes Gregory Red
In this Notion, my favourite case
makin’ a relational database
Backlinks, mmm, and the global block
I don’t have to work, around the clock
This stupid little song might irritate few
I just hope it don’t bother you
Come on now friends, don’t you sit in vain,
jump on that new found Notion Train
Now I’m done singin’ this Notion song
And I hope you might want to…. sing along
Sittin’ here alone ain’t too much fun
Let’s put that Notion, on the run
Won’t you tell me how long…
Parting thoughts
I received a tweet from one of the users saying it is very funny that website uses instead of It is a very valid observation. Though uses for several tasks , the core database used is thanks to the API and automation that was available in . Sincerely hoping to move the website to completely once the API is made available. If you have any suggestions on how it could be done without the API please do let me know.
Take care and be safe . See you next week.  Hari
All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. Acknowledge with gratitude the contribution and support of the community .
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