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Insights and more - Issue #9

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Insights and more - Issue #9
By B Hari • Issue #9 • View online
Welcome to the 9th issue of Insights and more. This issue has the entire collection of Notion Videos in a database which you can duplicate and use as per your convenience and requirement. This contains all the videos (1795 videos upto Dec 6, 2020) logged by Notion Videos from We started on June 20 , 2020 and we will publish the entire database of videos published in 2020 by the first week of January 2021. The current version is a draft version and if you are a publisher please let us know if any of your Notion video is missing from this collection.

Editors choice - Thomas Frank
When two extremely popular youtubers get together for a video , you can surely expect a lot of fun and magic. This video published by Thomas Frank talks about 6 productivity apps which are not well known but provide great value to Ali Abdaal and Thomas Frank. The duo show how you can save lot of time with Text expansion feature of keyboard on Apple devices , Alfred , Airr , AutoHotkey, Loom and TabCopy. A must watch if you want to improve your productivity.
6 Productivity Apps You (Probably) Haven't Heard Of - with Ali Abdaal
6 Productivity Apps You (Probably) Haven't Heard Of - with Ali Abdaal
November - Report
The last issue reported data as on Nov 28 th , 2020 . Now that we are in December 2020 , it would be good to get a quick look at the highlights of November 2020.
  1. Videos published in November 2020 : 339
  2. Views for videos published in Nov 20 : 1.15 million
  3. First day views for all 339 videos : 3,02,931 views
  4. Average views per day : 36,116 (for November Videos)
  5. 128 new publishers in November 2020
A review as on date shows that videos published before Dec 1, 2020 received a total of 4,31,638 views in the last 6 days leading to an average of 71,940 views each day , while December videos have received an average of 10,876 views each day in December. In comparison to the previous month the performance of videos published in December in the last 6 days has been very weak. On November 6th , 2020 , videos published in November had received 1,81,959 cumulative views. As on December 6th , for videos published in December the total views received is only 65,255 views which is significantly lower . This could be due to the fact that sponsored videos of earlier months were attracting more viewers in comparison to the sponsored videos of the current period. As on Dec 6,2020 all notion videos have received a cumulative of 16.95 million views.
The database is here
We are sharing the , database with the community. This database contains details of 1795 videos registered by till Dec 6, 2020 . Thirty (30) videos were published by before the year 2020 and the rest 1765 videos are published in the year 2020 . This work started in July 2020 and we now have a semi automatic system which keeps this database updated. This is the first draft of the complete database and the target is to publish the full database of 2020 by the first week of Jan 2021. Click on the banner to download the database.
The first draft of the database
The first draft of the database
128 new publishers in November 2020
The database has recorded 678 publishers with at least one notion video to their credit. A total of 128 new publishers have got added in the month of November 2020 out of which 32 publishers have been added in the last 7 days.
Parting thoughts
I was planning to shift the database and website to Notion once the API was available, which I was expecting by end of this year.. However the below tweet talks about no specific dates as of now.
@RenanGoodtime We're planning to open our private beta to a limited group of developers in the coming weeks.

Our public launch will come afterward - no ETA yet, since we'll have to refine our API based on beta feedback we get in the upcoming months! Appreciate your continued patience 🙏
Now that I have the entire Notion database in a Notion table which is now public , I am planning to host the website in notion itself. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Have a great week ahead. Take care and be safe . See you next week. Hari
All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. Acknowledge with gratitude the contribution and support of the community. The data reported is for videos in English and is obtained from the API.
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