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Insights and more : Issue #8

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Insights and more : Issue #8
By B Hari • Issue #8 • View online
In the Notion videos world , women play a dominating role in creating and consuming content as publishers and as viewers. In one of the earlier reports published in August 2020 it was reported that all the top slots for most viewed videos was dominated by woman publishers in August 2020 . The top 5 woman publishers ( based on number of videos published this year) of Notion Videos are :
Other than the above are popular publishers like Mariana’s Study Corner , Sara Dietschy , muchelleb , Harshibar , studycollab:alicia , krist & yu, Rowena Tsai and several other Notion users. There are close to 250 women publishers in the database.
I thought it would be a good idea to do a special issue on women publishers of Notion Videos in December 2020. If you have any suggestions or recommendations , please do share it with me.
November 2020 has seen a decline in total views compared to October 2020 and September 2020. Notion had sponsored several videos this month and more towards the end of November . But the total views are struggling to reach the levels of October 2020 and are far short in comparison to September 2020. There have been several major feature announcements by Notion in recent times including timeline views , hiding fields , widgets and others , but the overall video views have not seen the growth as expected by . Not that the decline in video views has brought down the enthusiasm of the Notion community . The community is full of life and we see more and more new publishers sharing their journey with Notion. A record 324 videos have been published as on date in November 2020.
From this week , a new section Editor’s Choice is being introduced , which will highlight some interesting videos published during the week.

Declining trend persists in November has recorded a declining trend in Video views in November in comparison to the previous months. Despite the push through more sponsored videos , the overall viewership of videos in the last week was not in line with what was seen in the month of September and October. The chart below clearly shows that for the period from 1st till 28th the performance in November is much lower than that in September and marginally lower than October views.
Trends of the last 3 months (date to date)
Trends of the last 3 months (date to date)
A total of 2,89,872 total views were recorded for November videos in the last 7 days in comparison to 1,87,827 total views in the third week of November 2020. The increase in views can be attributed to the several videos sponsored by Notion in the week.
Here are the highlights:
  • Total views for the period Nov 15th-Nov 21st is 1,87,827 for videos published in November. Videos published prior to November registered a total of 3,73,570 views between Nov 15th-Nov 21st .
  • Total new videos published between upto Nov 28 th is 309, while the total videos published upto in October (till 28th Oct) was 221 and in September (till 28th Sep) was 276 .
  • The database has now 1727 videos ( including 30 videos prior to 2020) and 678 publishers who have at least 1 video published on Notion.
  • Average daily views in November is 87,579 , out of which 33,782 views are for November videos and 53,798 views are for videos published before November 2020. It means that for every 10 views , 4 views are for new videos and 6 views are for old videos.
November 28, 2020 update
November 28, 2020 update
Kharma Medic’s ( A UK based medical student) video sponsored by Notion and published on 26th November , 2020 has come to the 3rd spot in 3 days . Watch his video here :
Notion Tour (Dashboard & Setup) - How I Organize My Life
Notion Tour (Dashboard & Setup) - How I Organize My Life
112 new publishers in November 2020
The database has recorded 678 publishers with at least one notion video to their credit. A total of 33 new publishers have got added after Nov 22, 2020.
Editors Choice - Norah Maria
Norah Maria from Norway published her first Notion video on the 28th of November , 2020. She says :
Hi! This is a first for me. I have to admit this took about 34 recordings of me attempting to go through this and not being happy with a single one - finally filming one I thought was okay, but ending up re-recording the voice for the entire video around 30 times anyways. It was a messy process, but I am happy to put up my first tutorial. Hopefully it’s okay to understand!
The video is awesome and you must take a look at the video hereunder and the other templates and examples in her web site
Create in Notion: Weekly Schedule that Updates Itself throughout The Day
Create in Notion: Weekly Schedule that Updates Itself throughout The Day
Parting thoughts sends automated tweets daily . Though it is not possible to send these tweets automatically from currently. I hope once the Notion API is released many such things should be easily possible. An example of the automated tweet is hereunder :
I have now started tracking the tweets to and from @NotionHQ. The tweet volumes are not as high as what I thought it would be. A couple of tweets which caught my eye are here :
A tweet from Notion in response to a user’s tweet wanting to join the private Beta of the API says :
@JacIsJake We'll share more info in the coming weeks on how to apply for the remaining spots in our private beta - stay tuned 📻
Another tweet thread in which a user reported :
Looks like my company notion experiment will go down as a fail.
Why it didn’t work:
To start Everyone hates it.
No one else on my team is a system design nerd, in fact, they are actually on the opposite end. 
There’s a philosophical mismatch
Next, I never did any formal type of launch.
Because we’re a brand new company, and because I know what pains we will experience, I brought in @NotionHQ to solve them in advance. 
Most people won’t change how they work until it’s beyond painful.
Notion is totally bespoke. It offers very little guidance without meaningful intention and investment.
Slow-burning it didn’t work. Not for me and not for the team.
In closing:
- Cultural mismatch
- Lack of strong ‘why’
- Lack of care to invest and build
Nothing against the tool itself but couldn’t spark that magic feeling. 
Next experiment - Clickup + Roam
NotionHq’s response was very positive :
@MitchSchwartzCo Thanks for sharing this experience!

Sorry that we weren't the right fit, but this is great feedback & we'll apply your learnings to our product - we definitely want Notion to be approachable and intuitive.

Wishing you all the best, hope your team finds that magic feeling! ✨
Have a great week ahead. Take care and be safe . See you next week. Hari
All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. Acknowledge with gratitude the contribution and support of the community. The data reported is for videos in English and is obtained from the API.
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