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Insights and more - Issue #10
By B Hari • Issue #10 • View online
In the last issue of Insights, you will recall that a link was published for users to download the entire database comprising of all the Notion videos logged till December 6, 2020. Post that there was a tweet from NotionHQ which said that the private beta of the API will be launched very soon. I took upon the task of building the website in It was not hard to get a working prototype out quickly. However, I realised that though Notion has some excellent features and patches of brilliance, it still falls short in several areas related to database functionality which makes it difficult to migrate existing systems with loads of data with multiple relations. The beta site was launched very quickly and then when I started testing it, I realized that the entire experience of using the site as a user , was inferior due to low speed and the inconsistent response of the shared pages which worked pretty well in my own desktop. It was quite possible that I was doing something wrong, so I approached Notion support to give me guidance and assistance to resolve the loading issues. Though they were very nice and prompt, I still do not have an answer as to why the pages should not load consistently.
There is no doubt that Notion is an excellent All in one productivity tool. However, for data management, I find Airtable to be more suitable for practical commercial applications. Having tested various nocode tools over the last six months, I think one will need to use a combination of tools for personal and business applications and all of them will have to provide the means to communicate and interact with other applications. The public API of Notion could be the answer to many things that we would like Notion to do. Click here for all videos published by
Disclaimer: I have no expertise in coding nor in building systems using Notion. If you are a publisher of Notion videos please check your page in the beta site and do let us know if there are any errors.

Top 3 videos of December 2020
Thomas Frank has two channels in This video The secret to Learning Any Skill Faster is from his first channel which has over 2 million followers. Though this video is not directly on Notion, it is a nice one to be included in the database. This video published on 7th December , 2020 had 87, 303 views when this newsletter was published and is the video with maximum views over other videos published in December.
The Secret to Learning Any Skill Faster
The Secret to Learning Any Skill Faster
Holly Gabriele is a first class honors graduate from the University of Cambridge . She is a popular YouTuber with 373K followers. This Notion sponsored video ( I tried using notion for a week ) published on 8 December 2020 is second with 50,371 views .
Janice Studies - Janice , a nursing student from Canada, has published her second Notion video of the year on 30th Nov, 2020. This video ( The ultimate Setup for students - Notion 2021) added to the database on Dec 1, 2020 has 34,670 views and has the third place this month. Her earlier video which was sponsored by Notion is the second most watched Notion video of this year.
The Ultimate Setup for Students | Notion 2021
The Ultimate Setup for Students | Notion 2021
Useful links
The beta website which is built using is a good source of information which gets updated every day. Here are some links which tracks the changes in the database.
December trends indicate declining views
Comparative data for last 4 months
Comparative data for last 4 months
Key highlights as of 13th December 2020:
  1. New Videos published in December: 136
  2. Views received by 136 videos : 2,62,479
  3. Average views per day: 20,191 views per day
  • Average views for the same period in November was 28,226
  • Average views for the same period in October was 34,079
  • Average views for the same period in September was 24,060
Note : Data compared for the first 13 days of each month
As on December 13th ,2020 all notion videos ( 1868 videos) have received a cumulative of 17.6 million views as per our data.
Editor's Choice - Danny Hatcher
Danny Hatcher is quite a star in the Notion world. This week he published a video on Notion add ons which could make the app better. You will find content of this video quite useful.
Notion add ons to make the app even better
Notion add ons to make the app even better
Please take a look at all of Danny’s videos here
Editor's Choice - Murali Balaraman
Murali Balaraman is another popular publisher , who makes Notion Videos. This week Murali published a video introducing his template for smart money management which really looks classy. Take a look at his video.
Notion: How to use your Smart Money Manager
Notion: How to use your Smart Money Manager
Parting thoughts
This is the 10th issue of Insights & more. I have enjoyed my work so far, thanks to your encouragement. I have been asked by some community members if I could do something similar for Roam Research. For my own use, I keep a curated set of videos published for Airtable, which I will share soon. My primary interest is however in spirituality. I plan to share a curated collection of videos on meditation and content on spiritual paths and in particular Non-Duality also called Advaita. These additional activities will require doing things super efficiently and getting most of the routine stuff automated. Overall 2021 looks to be another great year in the making.
Have a great week ahead. Take care and be safe . See you next week. Hari
All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. Acknowledge with gratitude the contribution and support of the community. The data reported is for videos in English and is obtained from the API. Any errors pointed out will be corrected after verification.
This issue is sponsored by . I express my sincere gratitude to the team @ styledotme who have been very helpful in supporting my initiatives.
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B Hari
By B Hari

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