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Insights -Ali Abdaal special - Issue #7

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Insights -Ali Abdaal special - Issue #7
By B Hari • Issue #7 • View online
Notion videos have received 14.65 million views so far this year from 1659 videos published as on date . Out of these 14.65 million views about 2.35 million views ( 18.2%) have come from videos published by Ali Abdall. In this issue we take a look at all the videos of Ali Abdaal , logged in the database .
Notion has made some exciting announcements this week too. SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) API enables organizations to create, manage and remove members and groups in Notion through an identity provider (like Okta or Rippling) or your own app. This is aligned towards enterprise customers who are now emerging as the most important customer segment for Notion. There are several other enhancements including introduction of widgets for IOS .
It is now possible to duplicate database pages on the mobile app and I think this is extremely useful given the fact that Notion is well designed to work on mobile phones and many people already run complex workflows using mobile phones . We include a video published on Nov 21, 2020 where TechZG Guides shows how to build a personal wiki using the IOS or Android app.

Build using the iPhone or Android App
How to Build a Personal Wiki in Notion App - iPhone & Android
How to Build a Personal Wiki in Notion App - iPhone & Android
Trends indicate decline in new video views
Trends indicate that new videos are receiving lesser views than before
Trends indicate that new videos are receiving lesser views than before
The third week of November 2020 has registered a total of 5,61,397 total views in the last 7 days in comparison to 6,94,261 total views in the second week of November 2020.
Here are the highlights:
  • Total views for the period Nov 15th-Nov 21st is 1,87,827 for videos published in November. Videos published prior to November registered a total of 3,73,570 views between Nov 15th-Nov 21st .
  • Total new videos published between upto Nov 21 st is 241, while the total videos published upto in October (till 21st Oct) was 182 and in September was 210 .
  • The database has now 1659 videos ( including 30 videos prior to 2020) and 650 publishers who have at least 1 video published on Notion.
  • 56% of views (around 3,49,184 ) for November videos are from the top 5 videos out of 241 new videos published in November.
  • The top 3 videos of 2020 is hereunder :
  1. Ali Abdaal : My favorite Note Taking app (7.42,622 views)
  2. studycollab:alicia : How I use Notion as a student (4,91,673 views)
  3. Ali Abdall : How I Remember Everything I Read (4,79,058 views)
These 3 videos continue their bull run
The top three videos which has recorded highest growth last week are :
  1. Ali Abdaal : How I remember everything I read received 49,557 views in the last 7 days . ( overall 4,79.058 views)
  2. Mariana’s Study Corner : Why your morning routine isn’t working received 36,485 views in the last 7 days .( 0verall 1,76,365 views)
  3. Ali Abdaal : My Favourite Note-Taking App for Students - Notion (2020) received 14,746 views in the last 7 days .( overall 7,42,622 views)
3 Top videos of November 2020
Top 3 videos of November 2020 as on date is hereunder :
#1 : Ali Abdaal’s : How I read books really fast ( 1,67,214 views)
How I Read Books Really Fast
How I Read Books Really Fast
#2 : muchellab : How I Organise My Whole Life In Notion (66,018 views)
How I Organise My Whole Life In Notion ☀️
How I Organise My Whole Life In Notion ☀️
#3 : Mariana’s Study Corner : My online classes routine + note taking method ( 53,135 views)
my online classes routine + note taking method
my online classes routine + note taking method
84 new publishers in November 2020
The database has recorded 650 publishers with at least one notion video to their credit. This week a total of 27 new publishers have been added and a total of 84 new publishers have been recorded as on Nov 21, 2020.
Ali's Notion magic
November 22, 2020 : Ali Abdaal has 1.24 million subscribers for his channel . He has over 77.3 million views for his 314 videos published in his channel . In his profile Ali says :
I’m a Cambridge University medicine graduate, now working as a junior doctor in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). I used to make videos about life as a medical student but I now vlog about life as a doctor :) I also do study videos, tech reviews and the occasional video of me and my friends singing songs. On the side, I also write a weekly email newsletter and blog posts on my website, and I run a small business called 6med, that helps students applying to medical school.
Ali Abdall has published several videos on Notion ( sponsored and other wise). His Notion videos registered in the database and published this year ( 2020) have received a total of 2,355,901 views ( 2.35 million) . This constitutes about 18.2 % of the total views received by all Notion videos published. Every time Ali publishes a Notion video there is a surge in the views and his videos continue to receive addition views for a long time. This collection of 10 videos logged in the database has 6 videos where Ali talks about Note taking , productivity apps , reading books , remembering things etc. The total duration of these six video is about 91 minutes. There are 4 other videos where he talks for over an hour each with his guests , who are all accomplished in their own way. His video “My favourite Note-taking App for students - Notion (2020) has the highest number of views amongst all Notion videos with 7,42,407 views in 268 days since it was published. The video with the second highest views ( from another publisher) in the database is at 4,91,673 views , while the third place is another Ali video with 4,70,926 views . One more Ali Video is in the fifth place and one should not be surprised if by the end of the year the top three views for Notion videos are all from Ali Abdaal - the man with a Magic touch . Click on the banner for the Ali Abdaal collection :
Ali's Notion magic
Ali's Notion magic
Parting thoughts
With just 40 days remaining for another new year , it is time to review and plan for the next year. COVID-19 has had a significant impact across the world . Can’t recall another similar event like COVID 19 in the recent past where the entire world was brought to a halt by an unseen organism. Many of us have lost loved ones to the pandemic and many are still battling the post COVID recovery. Pray that we get the vaccine soon and people are free from the fear of the pandemic. I also hope that the Notion API would come out towards the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021 such that I can move to
Have a great week ahead. Take care and be safe . See you next week. Hari
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