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ClickUp in Notion Videos - Issue #11

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ClickUp in Notion Videos - Issue #11
By B Hari • Issue #11 • View online
Hope you are doing well and looking forward to a wonderful week ahead. Sometimes during the month of October 2020 , we added a video from Al Chen which had a summary on task dependencies in Google sheets , ClickUp, Monday, Wrike, SmartSheet, Notion, Coda . The reason this video was published in was because it compared Notion and the other mentioned tools for Task Dependencies. Tom Solid , also published a video comparing ClickUp , Notion, Asana & Monday towards the end of October 2020.
Danny Hatcher , popular Notiono ( a term used by the official @NotionHQ twitter handle) published a video towards the end of November “A permanent switch would be coming ”. This was followed by a video on 13 December 2020, from another popular Notion expert Mariana’s Study Corner, Will ClickUp be the ultimate replacement for Notion ? .
Last week, Clickup announced that they raised $100m for their Series B at a $1 billion valuation. This prompted me to take a closer look at Clickup and see why so many productivity experts from the Notion Community are looking at it seriously. This issue of Insights looks at Clickup and Notion. A clickup video database in Notion is available for download in this issue .
Clickup, claims that it is the only productivity platform that replaces all other workplace apps across organizations. Clickup announced that it has raised a $100 million  Series B round, bringing its total funding to $135 million. The canadian-based venture fund, Georgian, led the round, with participation from Craft Ventures. With more than 900% revenue growth in the past year, ClickUp’s extraordinary virality among users is a testament to both the strong community it has built and the market demand for a streamlined productivity platform that replaces all other work and productivity software.
Founded in 2017, ClickUp has quickly become one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies thanks to its comprehensive feature set and high-touch customer service. Combined with this new funding, it is positioned to lead the productivity management software market, which is expected to exceed $102B by 2027. Today 200,000 teams worldwide, including those at Google, Nike, Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb, use ClickUp for everything from project management to chat, docs, time management, wikis, goals and OKRs, and dashboards. All ClickUp features are available in one highly-customizable, easy-to-use platform that works for all users and all departments in an organization.

Zeb Evans talks about their recent fund raise
Zeb Evans , CEO and Founder shares his vision while talking about the latest fund raise in this video:
ClickUp Raises $100M Series B to Continue Making the World More Productive
ClickUp Raises $100M Series B to Continue Making the World More Productive
Clickup in Notion Videos curates videos on Notion. In this process we come across several competing products which are compared with Notion, Roam Research and Evernote being the most prominent ones. In the last two months there has been several mentions of ClickUp in the notion community. Take a look at the videos here :
Declining trend continues in December
Graph shows last 4 months comparison upto 19th of month
Graph shows last 4 months comparison upto 19th of month
Key highlights as of 19th of December 2020:
  1. New Videos published in December: 208
  2. Views received by 208 videos : 621,519
  3. Three videos and their views excluded since they are not directly about Notion.( 247,685 views)
  4. Average views per day: 17,957 views per day
  • Average views for the same period in November was 28,460
  • Average views for the same period in October was 35,645
  • Average views for the same period in September was 37,506
Note : Data compared for the first 19 days of each month
As on December 19th , 2020 all notion videos ( 1940 *) have received a cumulative of 18.41 million views  while as of December 13th ,2020 all notion videos had received a cumulative of 17.6 million views as per our data.
Note: 7 videos out of 1940 have been withdrawn by the publishers
Top three Notion videos this month
Damon Dominque is an American youtuber living in Paris. His video sponsored by Notion and published on 17 December , 2020 has taken the top spot with 69, 546 views when this newsletter was published.
I use Notion so much that I DMd them asking if I could make this video (tutorial)
I use Notion so much that I DMd them asking if I could make this video (tutorial)
Holly Gabriele is a first class honors graduate from the University of Cambridge . Her Notion sponsored video ( I tried using notion for a week ) published on 8 December 2020 with 57,199 views is in the second spot.
Janice Studies - Janice , a nursing student from Canada, has published her second Notion video of the year on 30th Nov, 2020. Her video ( The ultimate Setup for students - Notion 2021) added to the database on Dec 1, 2020 has 41,699 views and takes the third spot this month. 
91 new publishers in December 2020
As on Dec 19, 2020 the has 1940 videos from 779 publishers. Out of the 1940* videos in the database , 1910 videos have been published in the year 2020 . You can take a look at them at the beta site built in notion.
  • 7 videos out of 1940 have been withdrawn by the publishers.
Notion API Chat
Notion’s head of Platform (Cristina Cordova) talks to Matt of on Notion’s upcoming API.
Editor's Choice - Marie Poulin
Decluttering your workspace daily is a smart way of saving a lot of time. Watch this video by Marie Poulin.
The Notion "Processing" Dashboard - Declutter your Day
The Notion "Processing" Dashboard - Declutter your Day
Clickup Video database in Notion
Here is a basic collection of Clickup videos . These videos have been published this year and they are not curated.
Clickup videos for quick reference
Clickup videos for quick reference
Parting thoughts
Is the market for productivity software similar to cars ? There are plenty of Auto brands and each one has its own features , price and brand appeal and cater to different customer segments. $ 100 billion is a significant market size ( projected for productivity application software) and there would be several brands large and small who will fight to take a decent market share. As a smart user , are you backing a brand which will give you satisfaction and value for money ? With a significant war chest of $100 million , Clickup which has used project management as their entry strategy and has several smart features to attract users can become a significant player in this market. The user community will play a significant role in shaping up the future of SAAS productivity software companies . Notion has a very committed community of Notionos who love the product . Clickup too claims it has a growing community and it would be interesting to watch how clickup leverages popular YouTubers to promote their product. Lifelong free use is now a given for entry level users. Will the notion love story continue or will it be disrupted by others like clickup ?
Have a great holiday week ahead. The notionvideos twitter handle has been suspended since I changed the date in the profile to the date when was started. Without any warning , the system immediately suspended the account saying that it was an age violation. I have written to them to reinstate the account.
Have a great holiday week ahead. Merry Christmas to you and your near and dear ones . Take care and be safe . See you next week. Hari
All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. Acknowledge with gratitude the contribution and support of the community. The data reported is for videos in English and is obtained from the API. Any errors pointed out will be corrected after verification. We have no affiliation with or .
This issue is sponsored by . I express my sincere gratitude to the team @ styledotme who have been very helpful in supporting this initiative.
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By B Hari

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