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Learn a new skill this year. Be Curious. - Issue #15


The Curious Cult

February 12 · Issue #16 · View online

Life is curious. Be curious about life. Welcome to the Curious Cult.
Articles, thoughts and insights from Nic Haralambous.

Learning new things is hard. As adults we tend to find our happy place and double-down. We don’t like to be uncomfortable, life is hard enough as it is, why put ourselves in a position to feel dumb?
I like to make myself feel dumb by learning new skills as often as I can. Last year I learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube. It was tough but rewarding when I could show off my new skill.
I have tried countless times to learn how to code but with very little luck.
When we’re kids we are taught the worst way to learn. We are forced to learn subjects that we didn’t choose using methods that we don’t particularly like.
I challenge you to think back on the last time you learned a new skill from beginning to end.

When was the last time you learned a new skill?
Reply and let me know what skill you recently learned, I’d love to know!
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