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Different doesn't mean bad - The Curious Cult - Issue #28


The Curious Cult

May 5 · Issue #24 · View online

Life is curious. Be curious about life. Welcome to the Curious Cult.
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I have a confession to make; I like Taylor Swift. A lot. I’m a Swifty.
WOW it feels good to say that out loud.
But here’s the thing, I also like a vast array of other music and artists. Often the fans of one band absolutely hate the music of other bands or artists. This has always confused me. I can like Swift but also Rage Against The Machine. I can like Bach and Bieber. I can like Marilyn Manson and Lizzo. Screw you if you don’t agree.
Just because the music is different, doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s just bad to you.
There are many things that this applies to in life. Just because you have a different religion to someone else doesn’t make theirs bad or wrong. Just because you have different genitalia doesn’t make yours more important. Just because someone has different skin colours to you doesn’t make their bad/wrong/strange.
It blows me away that we don’t understand this simple yet fundamental principle. Different doesn’t mean bad.

Different Doesn't Mean Bad
Here’s a fantastic link that you might have missed: Time’s 100 Women Of The Year. Click the image below to go through this incredible list of women.
We need to be more tolerant of what other people like as long as it doesn’t harm other people. If you like breaking people’s baby toes, then I’m not OK with that. If you like massaging your friend’s feet, good for you!
Rember, always ask more questions,
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