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Are your friends making you better or worse? Be more. Do more. By Nic Haralambous - Issue #9


The Curious Cult

December 17 · Issue #9 · View online

Life is curious. Be curious about life. Welcome to the Curious Cult.
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For some reason we believe that the friends we have now should be the friends we have forever.
Added to that we’re also forced to believe that we have to stick with our family forever through thick and thin.
Pile on the fact that you likely didn’t interview your colleagues before you joined your company and what you are left with is a bunch of people in your network that you likely wouldn’t choose if you could.
The people we surround ourselves with are absolutely integral to our success and happiness. If you know this (and you do) then why do you take abuse? Why do you accept ridicule? Why are you working with people you might not like?
Here’s the thing - you can choose to change it all. It’s just really difficult. The article below goes into more detail. Think carefully about the people in your life as you read it.

Filter your network or become a worse person
It’s never easy to admit that the people we’re meant to love are the ones doing the most harm. If that’s where you find yourself then start making a change or be trapped. Your call.
If you know someone who needs to read this article, please forward it to them. Help them get over their shitty relationships.
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