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Apologies: Easy or Hard? - Be more, do more - from Nic Haralambous - Issue #6


The Curious Cult

November 26 · Issue #6 · View online

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I’ve always found apologising to be difficult. I like winning, if fact, I like beating other people whether it’s a debate or in business and often even in my personal life.
Typing the above wasn’t easy for me. It took a lot of personal work to understand that just because I like to win doesn’t mean I have to relish in the defeat of other. Often when you are in the heat of an argument you just want to win, even if you’re wrong. That was me for a long time.
I learned that a simple apology delivered in a sincere manner with real thought can go a long way to rectifying just about any situation.
This is the topic of one of my most recent articles; Apologising and removing your ego. If you know how to apologise, you almost certainly have the support of your friends, colleagues and family. People who never admit to wrongdoing likely have issues with their own ego, imposter syndrome or some other deeply embedded shit to work through.

Smart people know the value of a real apology
Read the article, learn how to apologise and forward this email on to someone you think needs to learn how to say they are sorry.
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