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Weekly NFTgators 🐊 newsletter
Weekly NFTgators 🐊 newsletter
Exploring every NFT-centered you need to know.
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Welcome to the NFTgators newsletter, the one to summarize all major NFT events that happened this passing week, from art, collectibles, gaming, metaverse, and other industry news.
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Our favorite news article of the week
Paid But Didn't Get Anything: MonkeyBall NFT Drop Experiences Solana Congestion - NFTgators
Short summary of things
  • The rapper adds the dazed-looking ape to his list of growing NFT acquisitions on OpenSea, bought under the name Shady_Holdings. 
  • Eminem has since updated his Twitter profile picture with his latest NFT addition.
  • The city mayor, Mansur Yavaş shared a video on Twitter of the deal that will see Ankara integrated into the virtual universe.
  • It follows Los Angeles, Helsinki, and Bari, which Open AR Cloud tested in the past.
  • The two Copycat projects have been fighting over, which project has the most real fakes. 
  • Despite the parody surrounding their existence, they continue to sell on other platforms.
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Must-read guide of the week
What is an NFT Gas Fee? Breaking It Down With An Easy to Calculate Formula - NFTgators
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Weekly NFTgators 🐊 newsletter
Weekly NFTgators 🐊 newsletter @NFTgators

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