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Weekly NFTgators newsletter 🐊 - Issue #2

Weekly NFTgators 🐊 newsletter
Weekly NFTgators 🐊 newsletter
Exploring every NFT-centered you need to know.
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Welcome to the NFTgators newsletter, the one to summarizeΒ all major NFT eventsΒ that happened this passing week, from art, collectibles, gaming, metaverse, and other industry news.
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Our favorite news article of the week
NFT Project Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Partners Scream Movies, Bringing Real-World Utility to the Community - NFTgators
Short summary of things
  • Crypto lender, Nexo has partnered with Three Arrows Capital to launch an NFT-backed lending service.Β 
  • Nexo will initially accept Bored Apes and CryptoPunks NFTs and will add more items continuously.
  • The metaverse also boosted NFT sales with virtual land sales exceeding $42 million.
  • Axie Infinity Pokemon-inspired NFT combat gaming continues to hold the record for most in-game NFT sales with a cumulative value of $2.2 billion.
  • The announcement of plans for the NFT market comes after Melania Trump launched an NFT platform.
  • The app was founded in 2018 by John Matze and Jared Thomson, mainly composed of Trump supporters at the time.
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Must-read guide of the week
  • Minting NFTs: What Does It Mean?
  • A step By Step Guide
  • This will explain everything you need to know to mint your first token, as well as a breakdown of the costs involved.
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Weekly NFTgators 🐊 newsletter
Weekly NFTgators 🐊 newsletter @NFTgators

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