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Writer. Artist. Anxiety. CPTSD.

Writer. Artist. Anxiety. CPTSD.

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Commissions are OPEN - Mister Leaves - Issue #12

$30 for individual digital pieces with 3 free revisions. $10 for revisions after that.$10 for character art$50 for book cover with 10 free revisions plus lettering.$20 for pen on paper drawings.$300-500 for original oil on canvas depending on the size.Contact…


News from Mister Leaves - Issue #11

The legitimate weight of the thing is nice, as is the higher probability that the spine will survive a reading. Self-publishing options are excellent, but the bindings of the paperbacks are a glue that breaks down pretty quickly.


News from Mister Leaves - Issue #10

March 12, what am I even doing? Painting, for one. Apparently, within 30 days I've completed 9 oil paintings and an ungodly number of print designs/ digital mixed media/ photography. That is a new record and here I thought arthritis was slowing me down. (The …


News from Mister Leaves - Issue #9

Last week, I woke up with the idea of writing and recording monologues. I pictured characters from #Eudaimonia giving little 3-6 minute confessional moments into their own camera. Almost 'what if they were on social media?' Or something like that. I reached o…


News from Mister Leaves - Issue #8

Joe and I met when I was 15. We'd hang out constantly. It was one of those extremely intense teenage friendships. He introduced me to vast quantities of music and film. I don't know that I ever told him anything he didn't already know. He is a brilliant music…


News from Mister Leaves - Issue #7

This is how it works. I can draw fast. I can think fast. I can move fast. I write fast. I edit slow. So slow. You might not see a novel this year from me. You will, however, see new stories. There's a thing I'm collaborating on. A cross over of worlds. Anothe…


News from Mister Leaves - Issue #6

The mystery persists no matter what happens. Not everything is explainable though everything can be rationalized. The mind seeks comprehension and glosses over the unknowable experiences. Yes, ineffable experiences occur and if one is not at a place where it …


News from Mister Leaves - Issue #5

Friends, My grandmother hated actors. Well, not as people, but the respect and admiration paid to those she felt were "fakers." They portrayed heroes but rarely did anything heroic. Now, I love expressive performance and acting. I see the art in it. What has …


News from Mister Leaves - Issue #4

Free ebook downloads of Evidence of Changes vols 1-3 on 2/12-2/16.


News from Mister Leaves - Issue #3

To write, I must dream. Not the sleep dreaming, but actively and inactively daydreaming. Before pen has touched paper. Before I've typed a single word or outlined or any other thing, I daydream. Sometimes, all I have is a song and an image and I stay there fo…


News from Mister Leaves - Issue #2

I do not trust my senses. My emotions remain unknowable except in gross swipes of cerulean love and crimson heat and chiffon fear and ultraviolet violence. Everything else is unknowable. Inaccessible.


Mister Leaves' Mysteries - Issue #1

Does the sunlight reach this place? Is there a quantum tunneling to here? From here? Is there enough love for everyone to get a bite?