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News from Mister Leaves - Issue #6

News from Mister Leaves - Issue #6
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The Mystery

The mystery persists no matter what happens. Not everything is explainable though everything can be rationalized. The mind seeks comprehension and glosses over the unknowable experiences. Yes, ineffable experiences occur and if one is not at a place where it can be processed, the resulting recollection is akin to taking photographs while on LSD. The image is not what you saw.
ROTA was going to be titled Eidolon is Eikon. Ghost is Image. I was riffing on “Hesperus is Phosphorus.” Sense and reference. A thing that signals something but that signal roots to where? It can not signal to a Platonic form as it is unknowable. Images can not be the underlying thing. Images are representation. Ghosts are what? Not the thing. A phantasm of the thing? A lingering piece of the whole? An image?
So, mystery persists. Every key statement has already been made. All reveals have been revealed. Yet, comprehension remains far far away. Rationalizations abound. A feast of explanation.
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News from Mister Leaves

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