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News from Mister Leaves - Issue #3

News from Mister Leaves - Issue #3
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Finding the story.

How I do it
To write, I must dream. Not the sleep dreaming, but actively and inactively daydreaming. Before pen has touched paper. Before I’ve typed a single word or outlined or any other thing, I daydream.
Sometimes, all I have is a song and an image and I stay there for months. Playing the song over and over, replaying that image. Over time, that image becomes a scene I play, over and over. Sometimes, in the beginning, I’m a part of that scene. Eventually, I am not. Only parts of me remain. The me and the not me.
That’s where I’m at on new work. Two titles, two sets of images and soundtracks, and daydreaming. Once the words start to flow, I’ll have a sense of when they will be finished. My intentions are for both works to be queried through traditional publishing routes. After these two novels, perhaps there will be more self published work. However, these two will be queried, successfully or not, and not self published unless posthumously.
flowers, aren't they great?
flowers, aren't they great?
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News from Mister Leaves

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