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News from Mister Leaves - Issue #2

News from Mister Leaves - Issue #2
By News from Mister Leaves • Issue #2 • View online
Do you trust your perception?

I do not trust my senses. My emotions remain unknowable except in gross swipes of cerulean love and crimson heat and chiffon fear and ultraviolet violence. Everything else is unknowable. Inaccessible.
do you believe it?
do you believe it?
I’m finishing a bon voyage to #Eudaimonia. This is a collaboration. A meta crossover. I’m very happy with it. I’ve wanted to say goodbye several times but this one feels final. Leaving a series, a world populated by an ensemble cast, spanning multiple books and stories and art and Witchy shit, I feel a twinge of heartache.
Yet, new work calls to me. Pleads with me to pick them up and give them life.
Yet, these are feelings. Untrustworthy. Perhaps, as sly as some river spirit seeking to pull me into the cold depths.
Yet, here we go a wassailing.
Another work in the series lurks just out of reach for those interested but you have to read Witworth Doom Baby by @Simpson_Romance to unlock it.
#meta #crossover #WritingCommunity
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News from Mister Leaves

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