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Conversation starters - Online to Offline! 🏝

Trying something new again, I'll share 3 conversation starters with you, to invite you to... start the conversation! (Online or offline, you can pick)They will be critical but fair, positive for the future and above all they relate to technology, design and c…


Unboxing 12017, yeah not 2017 📦 Issue #43

Why do we constrain ourselves to the Gregorian calendar if we as humans are waaaay longer active creating awesome stuff in the world? The Human Era (HE) scheme was first proposed by scientist Cesare Emiliani in 1993. He wanted to add a 1 to our calendar, maki…


How we can have more empathy? ❤️ Issue #42

Here it is, number 42, if you're a nerd like me you understand you should not looking for the answer but for the questions. Glad you sticked around for this latest update, it's an extraordinary one. Let’s look at solutions to be more connected to other people…


Twitter shouldn’t sell, they should buy 🐦 Issue #41

We wrote a pretty Wild article yesterday. It's not an end game, just an idea in these weird times for Twitter, which is not playing ALL IN anymore. If you love Twitter you would like this article. Check it out and 💜 it, that would make you partly responsible!…


How going to Mars can pave the way to saving the Earth 🔴 Issue #40

Hey thank you again for being here, opening this email thingy, another little batch of stuff I want to share with you. I hope you're busy, but still have time to read them, they are worth your time! 👍


Why do we give robots female names? 💁🏿 Issue #39


What if Apple would buy Tesla and SpaceX 🍏 Issue #38

Thanks for checking, reading and clicking again, have a swell week!


The week bots went 'mainstream' ☝️ Issue #37

When we tell our children what kind of week this was, it was the week when the world went crazy on bots, bots platforms and people around the world saw dollar signs in their eyes. #botgoldrush


Games from the future 🎣 Issue #36

Some content I did not get the share last week, and some fresh new stuff. Wow what a week it was!


Judgement Tay 🤖 Issue #35


It's Twittahs b-day! 🎉 Issue #34

Happy Twitter birthday everyone! You probably know I'm pretty biased for and fan of the micro-blogging-instant-social-network-development-platform because it's great. It had some ups and downs, but mostly ups and I'm excited for the future of the service. I f…


The real 42 year old Banksy! 🎨 Issue #33

Hey you are back, that's great! Thank you! Retweet this is you like to read my newsletter, so more people can get in on the action.Have a GRAND week as always! 


Understanding our creations 😲 Issue #32

Since its start, somewhere in 2007, Online and Kicking, also according to its name, has always been 'playing' with the understanding and meaning of technology. The first article below is something interesting. It goes to say we have made such complex systems …


Good UX and the likes of Bernie Sanders 😂 Issue #31

Fun fact, last week was my first issue where I did not lose any subscribers! This calls for a celebration and a big thank you for sticking around (as I mischievously added some of you to the list!)  Enjoy and have an amazing week, I'm sure having one! 😁


Best YouTube channel ever 📺 Issue #30

Enjoy my weekly newsletter and share it if you dig it! And please check the YouTube channel tonight after work haha 😁All my best, Milan


Cure the information overload (oh, the irony) 🤓 Issue #29


Get your free coloring book of weird patents 🎲 Issue #28

Another week, another whopping world changing things, trends and inventions to get your show on the road. As always, I like it that every week I get some people to respond, react or just reach out to me what they thought of my selection. Please do! 


Twitter is just being Twitter 🐣 Issue #27

Lots and lots about Twitter in the news. Don't believe the negativity and the slowing down numbers, it's not true, that's just news being news. Twitter is just being Twitter, it's own weird self (as a billion dollar company). I love the social platform, it's …


Pussykrew, Foodjehovas and Twitter 🐦 Issue #25

Have a fulfilling week! And good luck New York with the snow blizzard.


Hacking baby monitors and other IoT 🍼 Issue #25