Understanding our creations 😲 Issue #32





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Understanding our creations 😲 Issue #32
By Online and Kicking • Issue #32 • View online
Since its start, somewhere in 2007, Online and Kicking, also according to its name, has always been ‘playing’ with the understanding and meaning of technology. 
The first article below is something interesting. It goes to say we have made such complex systems and products, even the brightest minds can’t completely grasp the ‘things’ we use daily. Think of products like your phone, coffee machine or cars, and ‘systems’ like the Internet, energy and metropolitan distribution networks.
It says we can replace our thinking of really complex systems and technology with the same kind of attitude we have towards weather:
“While we can’t actually control the weather or understand it in all of its nonlinear details, we can predict it reasonably well, adapt to it, and even prepare for it.”
Reminds of the ‘When ideas have sex’ TED talk where, where Matt goes deeper saying everyone is so incredibly specialized and know absolutely nothing. Aeon continues we should: 
“Teach students how to play with something, examining its bounds and how it works, at least ‘sort of’ … We need to get better at ‘playing’ simulations of the technological world more generally.”
And that reminds me of what Improbable is doing with making simulations ánd gaming engines. 
Exciting times for the work field, for universities, I’m all for playing and experimentation, that’s what all my ventures and adventures have been about. 

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This happened last week, we did Sherlocked instead of sword fighting ;)
This happened last week, we did Sherlocked instead of sword fighting ;)
Thank you for joining again! Follow me on Twitter, share my Revue if you dig it. Have a real human week stuffed with ‘help from AI’ haha!
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